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    Release: April 20, 2018 On the PS2 and PS3, God of War was a beloved action game. However, the formula had grown tired by the release of 2012’s Ascension. How do you revitalize a beloved series? Well, Sony Santa Monica’s answer was a drastic overhaul. The linear structure, hack-and-slashing action, and focus on Greek mythology […]


    Release: July 25, 2017 If there was one video game that you didn’t stop hearing about since its release, it’s Fortnite. It smashed records and became a pop culture phenomenon that played a huge role in defining the late 2010s. Although Fortnite started out as a third-person Minecraft-inspired tower defense game, the game took off […]

  • Release: March 3, 2017 Ever since Ocarina of Time set the template for 3D Zelda games in the late 90s, none of the preceding 3D entries could escape its shadow. No matter what changes they made to the formula, they were always seen in comparison to Ocarina. Following the launch of the Wii U, Eiji […]


    Release: May 24, 2016 For the longest time, first-person shooters — especially those focused on competitive online multiplayer — appealed to a particular audience. An audience obsessed with prestige, kill/death ratios, and perfection. Such an audience did as much to push away players as to draw them in. While some competitive shooters appealed to casual […]

  • Release: May 19, 2015 From the books to the brand-new Netflix series, there are a plethora of options to experience the story of Geralt of Rivia. Still, none of them compare to the depth and fully fleshed out world of CD Projekt Red’s magnum opus. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is one of the most […]

  • Release: June 14, 2013 After years of colorful mascot platformers, Naughty Dog looked to redefine their image with the PS3. While the Uncharted games proved they can pull off a cinematic action blockbuster, The Last of Us was the developer’s tour de force. From first impressions, The Last of Us may play like the deluge […]


    Release: March 13, 2012 If you had to distill Journey down to one word, that word would be “art”. Although it can easily be finished in one sitting, Journey is an experience like no other in gaming. There are no tutorials, no dialogue, no limitations. Alone in the desert, the only direction given is the […]


    Release: November 18, 2011 Due to current trends in video games, it’s hard to think that Minecraft was a phenomenon in the early half of the 2010s. Since being purchased by Microsoft, it’s even harder to think of Minecraft as the indie darling it started out as. Starting development in 2009, Minecraft pioneered the early […]


    Release: October 4, 2011 Although Demon’s Souls pioneered FromSoftware’s ridiculously hard, yet incredibly rewarding, gameplay loop, it wasn’t until the 2011 release of Dark Souls that this style of game became mainstream. Dark Souls became so mainstream, in fact, that many games are still compared to it. During a time when games felt too easy, […]


    Release: January 26, 2010 Released in 2007, the first Mass Effect asked a lot of gamers. Produced as a trilogy from the very beginning, players had to play the future sequels in order to see how their choices in the first game played out. While dialogue trees and player choice were nothing new, doing it […]


    You know him as Snoop Dogg, the hip-hop artist behind songs like “Gin & Juice” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. On Netflix’s latest reality show Coach Snoop, however, the rapper we know and love takes on a totally different role.  We get to see Snoop as the coach of the Snoop Youth Football League, […]

  • Everyone loves a wedding, and Say Yes to the Dress gives you all of the beautiful wedding preparations with none of the drama – or at least, very limited drama. The show focuses on different brides who arrive at Kleinfeld to try and find their dream dress. From dreamy designer dresses to family shopping drama […]


    The Japanese reality show Terrace House has recently attracted a ton of viewers from North America after the English-subtitled version of the show premiered on Netflix. In the show, a group of young people live in a house together.  Contestants come and go as they please, no one is voted out, and house members do […]

  • If you’re looking for a show that highlights its competitors, warms your heart, and makes you root for everyone, you need to watch American Ninja Warrior. Based on a Japanese competition show of a similar name – Ninja Warrior – this show puts amateur athletes through an intense, impossible obstacle course. Even though it may […]


    Hosted by comedian Nicole Byers, Nailed It! is a triumphant celebration of those who possess no creative skills whatsoever. On this Netflix series, which includes regular seasons and special holiday seasons, average people make audiences laugh. In every episode, three contestants undertake two separate challenges which test their baking and confectionary skills. Winners of the […]

  • The Great Interior Design Challenge is a British reality show that takes amateur designers and challenges them to see who can create the best design for a regular British family. Each episode takes place in a different part of the country with unique architecture. Instead of bickering or fighting amongst themselves, the designers all collaborate […]

  • Even though there’s a lot of delicious drama in RuPaul’s Drag Race, the overall message of this show is uplifting. This long-running reality TV competition teaches viewers – and the drag queen participants – that we can only succeed through mutual respect, self-love, and by staying true to ourselves.  The show puts its contestants through […]


    The Quest was a unique hybrid between fantasy drama and reality TV. It followed a group of self-proclaimed nerds who were selected to travel to a magical place called Everealm. The catch? Everealm was undergoing an attack by a dark creature known as Verlox. The twelve contestants, called Paladins, underwent training that also served as […]

  • One of the greatest reality TV franchises of all time was created from a British show called The Great British Bake Off. This humble show, which challenges talented amateurs to create beautiful edible creations over the course of ten weeks, catapulted to international fame. One person was eliminated each week, and the winner was crowned […]


    If you miss Parks and Recreation, you’ll be thrilled to know that a crafting competition produced and hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman was quietly released during the summer of 2019. Making It was only six episodes long, but managed to cram a whole lot of talent into those few episodes.  Featuring a group […]