Release: 1994 Most Final Fantasys get their fair share of praise and criticism. However, none are as universally acclaimed as Final Fantasy VI. From its opening moments, FFVI grabs your attention with its beautiful music, expressive sprites, and gripping narrative. As you dive further into this 16-bit masterpiece, you’ll find an enthralling cast of heroes […]

Release: 1997 In the same way that you can’t understate Final Fantasy IV’s importance to the series, you can’t downplay how Final Fantasy VII launched the franchise — and JRPGs as a whole — into the mainstream. Despite time not being kind to certain parts of the game — namely the graphics — many still […]

Release: 1991 You can’t understate the importance of Final Fantasy IV to the franchise as a whole. Its epic character-driven story set the stage for the more complex narratives of future entries. The active-time battle (ATB) system added an element of danger to turn-based battles as players nervously waited for a character’s bar to fill. […]

Release: 2000 As the last entry for the original PlayStation, Final Fantasy IX feels like the culmination of the series leading up to that point. IX blends the medieval fantasy of the early games with the advances in character development and gameplay from the latter titles. The result is a game that pays tribute to […]

Release: 2006 Back in 2006, Final Fantasy XII’s melding of MMORPG game mechanics with a single-player experience was divisive at best. However, as these systems became more commonplace in RPGs, people have grown to love the game’s bold direction. XII’s biggest change came in the form of the Gambit system. Since you could no longer […]

Release: 2010 Arguably, there is no video game redemption story that compares to Final Fantasy XIV. Upon release in 2010, XIV was an embarrassment. Plagued with bugs, uninspired gameplay, and horrible design, fans were in disbelief. It was a big blow to the series, especially after the disappointment of XIII. However, utter disaster was only […]

Release: 2002 (JPN), 2003 (NA) Since the game encompasses nearly 14 years of content, it’s hard to boil Final Fantasy XI down into a succinct overview. While the game may have started as massively multiplayer online (MMO) RPG along the lines of EverQuest and Ultima Online, it grew in surprising ways through its five expansions, […]

Release: 1999 Final Fantasy VIII may be one of the hardest games to place on this list. That’s because you either love it or you hate it. In fact, the game is so divisive that wrestling fans are warring over its quality. Be it placing a larger focus on summons or the fact that enemies […]

Release: 2016 Starting life as Final Fantasy Versus XIII in 2005, this game would eventually reach store shelves in 2016 as Final Fantasy XV. With an 11-year development cycle, it makes sense to have reservations about the game’s quality. However, XV got out relatively unscathed. In fact, XV is one of the most ambitious entries […]

Release: 1990 (JPN), 2006 (NA) For better or worse, Final Fantasy III feels like a direct sequel to the first game. As such, it ditches FFII’s focus on narrative in order to flesh out the gameplay. Most importantly, it introduces the job system and summons. While summoning giant monsters is cool and all, the job […]