Dec 14, 2018

10 Netflix Series to Binge-Watch on A Rainy Day

While “Netflix & Chill” may have a whole other underlining meaning to it, the
truth is, on a raining and cold day, even the dog wants to skip a walk and
just cuddle on the couch with you, a remote, and stream Netflix all day long.
Still, with a gazillion titles available on the streaming service, finding a good
series that you can really sink your teeth into (and something you haven’t
seen before) can be an overwhelming task when all you want is to get comfy
and be entertained.
Well, time to get into your flannels, grab some snacks and drinks, and get
under a blanket; below are 10 Netflix series that will have you wanting to
binge-watch even if it isn’t raining.

  • Now entering the realm of science fiction, Altered Carbon is an adaptation from the 2002 novel by Richard K. Morgan (of the same name) that follows Joel Kinnaman, 22nd Century mercenary, who has been hired to look into the murder of a highly-influential aristocrat. In a crazy twist of events, the aforementioned aristocrat is still alive, as when it comes to this future, the wealthy are somewhat immortal; with their consciousness uploaded to “the cloud” and downloaded into a new body.

    What does a world without death look like? You’ll have to catch the show to find out!

  • Animation geared towards adults continues to make a huge impact in the world of comedy, thanks to groundbreaking shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy. If you are a fan of adult animation, then Big Mouth may be a Netflix option.

    The show sheds a spotlight on Andrew, who is finding out that puberty isn’t the easiest thing in the world to go through, as he deals with the nightmarish milestones we all experience when growing up. Friends Nick and Jessi are there to add support, but their budding romance does often take center stage.

  • Alexa & Kate is another great watch for families, or anyone looking for some light and endearing humor.

    The show follows two besties embarking on their first year of high school. Sadly, Alexa is suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment as well, while her BFF Katie offers all the support and love a true friend should.

    The show outlines the trials and tribulation of the teen years with a twist, by also offering a spotlight on having to go through these awkward years with cancer. It’s a beautiful story about best friends, loyalty, with some sprinkle of humor.

    Plus, Saved By The Bell fans should note, Tiffani Thiessen — the Kelly Kapowski — is also on the show, playing the role of Alexa’s mom, Lori.

  • Speaking of sex, Lovesick is a comedy at the other end of the spectrum, about a man who finds out he has a sexually transmitted disease, and goes on a mission to give all his former partners a heads up about the situation. Definitely not for younger audiences, but it will have laughing endlessly.

  • British humor is often the best type of humor to dive into when you are glum on a rainy day — and Chewing Gum can offer plenty of that!

    A sitcom set in London, the comedy is about a 20-something shop assistant, who also happens to be a religious virgin who has lived a sheltered life and yearns to learn more about the world around her. And of course, really wants to have sex and leave her virginity label behind.

  • Whether you are binge-watching with kids at home, a fan of Neil Patrick Harris, or just are in the mood for something a little bit different, A Series of Unfortunate Events is a great watch to garner a giggle or two, and a fine alternative to watching cartoons with your kids.

    The series centers around three orphans (Sunny, Klaus, and Violet Baudelaire), who’s legal guardian, Count Olaf (played by Neil Patrick Harris) is more concerned with gaining access to their inheritance than their well-being. There is plenty of drama and comedy in this series, not to mention some interesting costumes and disguises worn by Harris.

    A Series of Unfortunate Events is based on Lemony Snicket’s (Daniel Handler) best-selling books series.

  • For fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Bates Motel offers an inside looking into what little Norman was doing before his story was told in the horror film classic. Clearly he was on a good path leading to a crazy psychopathic adult, as Bates focuses on the drama Norman dealt with as a teenager with some mommy issues to boot. Huge milestones are relayed in the series: from first buying the motel to Norman’s first kill.

  • For those who love to mix up cooking, history, and travel while they binge-watch, the Ugly Delicious is certainly an alternative series worth checking out. Each episode of the show focuses on a concept or a dish, and then dives into how it is made within different areas across the globe, and its evolution over time; examining the culinary, cultural, and sociological history around well-known and well-liked foods.

  • If comedy with a sprinkle of drama is more your thing, then Master of None is a must-watch.

    Created by Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari, the series follows a 30-something actor as he navigates through the world, documenting his professional, cultural, and romantic experiences. Ansari plays the lead role of Dev Shah, and the first season takes place New York City, while the second season rolls out in both Italy and NYC.

  • Not only does the title sound uber creepy, but the show itself is definitely one for those who love a good scare-fest.

    Loosely based on the 1959 Shirley Jackson book of the same name, the modern-day story follows siblings who once were raised in what is now one of the most famous haunted houses in the land. All grown up now, the family is forced back into the house to face the demons they dealt with in the past. While some of these ghosts still live within their minds, thanks to their terrifying childhood, others just might still be lurking with the Hill House waiting for the right time to emerge.

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