Jan 31, 2020

5 Food Recipes That May Help Fight Breast Cancer

Cancer is a scary and unpredictable disease. One of the most severe and common forms is breast cancer, which one in eight women will be diagnosed with in their lifetime. While there is no definitive way to prevent or cure this condition, there are ways to lessen your chances of developing it.  One thing you can do is cook with ingredients that have been researched and linked to cancer prevention. Eating certain foods is not an absolute cure or method to prevent developing cancer, though it will create a healthy lifestyle which is the best thing you can do to fight this condition. Here are five food recipes that may help fight breast cancer.

  • Aside from it being a really versatile ingredient, there are a lot of benefits to eating spinach. It’s rich in antioxidants that help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This ingredient is high in fibre and will help you meet your daily dose of C, E and K vitamins. Plus, it’s a darker green which means that it contains a denser nutritional value.

    The Cook for Your Life Spinach Lasagna recipe is easy and includes a quick tomato sauce that can be used with the dish. It’s rich in everything you want a pasta to include with ingredients like olive oil, garlic, ricotta cheese and more. 

  • One of the best things you can do to maintain good health is by taking care of your immune system. Eating foods that are high in omega-3’s can help with this, since it’s a nutrient that is known to support the immune system. 

    You can find omega-3 in salmon. It’s a quick and easy meal idea that can be made in different variations, so you’ll never get bored of it. Cook for Your Life offers a poached salmon recipe and a great how-to video on how to make salmon in a healthy way that won’t take a lot of time.

  • Chicken is the preferred meat of choice when it comes to breast cancer prevention. Women are 15 percent less likely to develop cancer by eating white meat instead of red meat. Garlic is another ingredient that’s been studied as a potential long-term breast cancer preventive. It’s not guaranteed to work, but it can’t hurt to add garlic to your meal.

    Chicken and Butternut Squash Tagine contains both chicken and garlic. It’s a moroccan meal that is rich in flavors thanks to ingredients like cumin, paprika, ginger and many more. This recipe can also be easily adjusted for vegetarians by swapping the chicken for a can of chickpeas. 

  • Smoothies are one of the most delicious and easy go-to recipes a person can make when they’re eating healthy. Any fruits or green leaves you toss in the blender will suffice, but you can also try an Antioxidant Rich Smoothie recipe. 

    It uses bananas, a fruit that contains essential nutrients like vitamin C, B6 and potassium. It also includes a dash of cinnamon, a spice that’s being scientifically researched as something that can protect cancer. It possibly reduces cancer cells by releasing antioxidant responses. Even if this isn’t a guaranteed way to prevent cancer, it’s still a good way to give your immune system a boost.

  • Here is a homemade pizza recipe that meat lovers can enjoy. It’s a Chicken Sausage and Kale Pizza that only takes about 40 minutes to make. This recipe opts for chicken sausage instead of pepperoni, which is a healthier version of this food. The kale acts as a cruciferous vegetable. This means it’s loaded with fibre and contains antioxidant vitamins like C, E and K. It’s a low-calorie pizza that’s definitely a good alternative to ordering in from your favorite fast food chain.

  • There are a lot of things out of your control when it comes to cancer prevention, treatment and cures. But something that is in your control is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By implementing a proper diet that’s rich with essential vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, your body is getting a fighting chance at anything that comes its way

    There are plenty of other recipes you can find online that will meet your dietary lifestyle and boost your immune system. You should talk to a nutritionist or your doctor about other things that can lower your risk of developing breast cancer.

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