Jan 07, 2020

5 Healthy Dog Foods All Pet Owners Should Try

When you welcome a dog into your home, heart, and life, you also take on a big responsibility. Your dog relies on you for care everyday – and one of the most important aspects of that care is their food. What you choose to feed your dog affects their health, wellbeing, and happiness.

That’s why so many dog owners are constantly searching for the healthiest dog food available. It’s not an easy task. Many popular pet food brands feature unnatural ingredients or dangerous additives. So how can you figure out which brands and foods are truly the best for your dog?

The best, healthiest dog food will improve your dog’s quality of life. It’ll help their coat shine, keep their teeth stay healthy, and meet their nutritional needs. That’s why it’s important to choose a dog food that includes good protein, nutrient-rich vegetables, few fillers, and no artificial preservatives.

If you’ve been searching for a healthy dog food, here are five options you should try.

  • Grain has rapidly become one of the most concerning ingredients in dog food. With many pet food brands making the move away from grain as a filler, more and more pet parents are realizing that their dogs deserve grain-free foods. And Merrick Grain Free Dog Food is one of the best options.

    This brand of dog food is made of 70 percent meat, which ensures your dog gets their protein needs met. You can choose from a few different animal protein options and flavors, and each food is rich in nutrients like Omega 6 and Omega 3. The rest of the composition? Merrick Grain Free Dog Food features 30 percent fresh produce, helping your dog eat good-for-them vegetables and fruits.


    Dry food ranges from $18.99 to $69.99. Wet food starts at $3.19 per can.

    Biggest Benefits

    • A number of animal proteins to choose from, including chicken, duck, lamb, and turkey.
    • 70 percent meat.
    • 30 percent produce.
    • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
    • No grains.
    • Easily digestible carbohydrates.

  • Another excellent grain-free dog food brand is Taste of the Wild. Available from popular pet retailers like Petco and delivery service Chewy, Taste of the Wild offers grain-free dog food varieties that are packed with nutrients every dog needs. 

    In place of grains, Taste of the Wild dog foods rely on easily digestible carbohydrates like legumes, fruits, and vegetables. In addition to that healthy filler, the food also contains plenty of high-quality protein. The first – and biggest – ingredient in all Taste of the Wild food varieties is natural meat. Flavors like venison, bison, and lamb help dogs fulfill their natural taste for good protein.


    Dry food averages around $48 to $49. Packages of canned wet food cost approximately $26.

    Biggest Benefits

    • Protein-rich as both dry and wet food.
    • Grain-free.
    • Tastes like real roasted meats.
    • Foods feature nutritionally dense formulas.
    • Supplemented with antioxidants and probiotics.
    • Help reduce dogs’ risk for food allergies and sensitivities.

  • Ollie is a dog food company that’s really unlike any other. Instead of heading to a local store to purchase prepackaged cans or bags of food, Ollie is an online brand. You create a profile for your dog, giving Ollie information about their breed, size, age, weight, and more. From there, the dog food pros create a custom meal plan that’s solely for your dog.

    Ollie delivers customized dog food right to your door. All of the food is fresh and human-grade, meaning you yourself can even test its quality. The ingredients are all considered premium – there are no fillers like corn or wheat, no preservatives, and no artificial additives. And while the food is customized, your dog will enjoy familiar flavors like turkey, beff, chicken, and lamb.


    Price varies. Each dog is given a custom meal plan based on their specific profile and serving size.

    Biggest Benefits

    • All foods and recipes are formulated by a veterinarian.
    • Meats come from U.S. and Australian farms.
    • No filler, artificial additives, or preservatives.
    • Meal recipes include fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • All food is cooked in small batches.

  • Blue Buffalo is one of the biggest upstarts in the dog food industry. It originated at the start of the grain-frain movement, offering pet owners an alternative to highly processed, filler-heavy foods. And today, it’s considered a high-quality dog food brand – Blue Buffalo is now one of the top manufacturers of natural dog food.

    The Blue Buffalo selection of dog food includes both wet and dry food. This means you can give your dog nutrient-rich food however they’d prefer it. There are four different Blue Buffalo lines, and each one features a different dog food formula for different nutritional needs. No matter which line you prefer, Blue Buffalo’s food contains balanced and complete nutrition, including animal protein and LifeSource bits, which are nutrient-rich.


    Wet food starts at $2.19 per can. Dry food starts at $18.99 per bag.

    Biggest Benefits

    • Offers both wet and dry food.
    • High-quality natural ingredients.
    • Many different recipes to suit any dog’s needs.
    • Wide variety of grain-free formulas.
    • Includes common animal proteins like chicken and fish.

  • If you’re looking for dog food that’s as good as natural, homemade human food, it’s time to consider The Farmer’s Dog. This fresh dog food company creates and delivers custom dog food right to your door. You simply fill out a profile with your dog’s information, like breed, weight, age, and The Farmer’s Dog will create a special meal plan just for your dog.

    And when your dog enjoys food from The Farmer’s Dog, it’ll be made for their health. All of the food recipes feature animal meat – beef, turkey, or pork. They contain a special nutrient blend that’s designed to help dogs get the nutrition benefits they depend on. And each meal is pre-portioned to help determine the best serving size for your pup.


    Custom food delivery plans, or meal plans, start as low as $2 per day. Pricing varies depending on your dog’s age, weight, and nutritional or food needs.

    Biggest Benefits

    • Formulated by veterinarians.
    • All food is prepared in USDA kitchens.
    • Every meal plan is customized.
    • Food is delivered to your door.
    • Human-grade food.
    • Great for picky eaters.

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