Oct 29, 2018

8 TV Shows You Need to Watch on Netflix

There’s plenty to watch on Netflix, but there’s one category really worth exploring: TV shows. While Netflix earned its popularity with blockbuster movies and original films, there are a ton of TV shows to catch on this top streaming service. From classic sitcoms of every decade to new shows launched by Netflix itself, there are entire series of standout TV shows that everyone should binge watch. If you’re looking for a new TV show to start or a series to binge over the weekend, choosing from the hundreds of options on Netflix can be difficult. Simplify your decision by watching today’s must-watch shows first. The following are the 8 TV shows you absolutely need to watch the next time you’re browsing Netflix.

  • A longtime cult classic from the early 2000s, Arrested Development was once a huge network hit. Now, after a years-long hiatus, the entire series is available on Netflix, and the streaming service has even produced two new full-length seasons to enjoy. You’ll laugh every episode as you get to know the dysfunctional Bluth family and its cast of absolutely ridiculous characters. When the Bluths lose their fortune, the only thing keeping them together is Michael, who’s thwarted at every attempt to save the family business. The series is undeniably funny, with dialogue that’s as witty as it is unique, characters who are almost too much to be believable, and jokes that stand the test of time over a decade after its original run.

  • Everyone knows Hello Kitty, the cute Japanese cat who’s a beloved cartoon character worldwide. And thanks to a brand new anime series named Aggretsuko, an entirely new member of the Sanrio family is becoming a favorite of adults everywhere. Whether you’re a longtime anime fan or a newcomer to the genre, Aggretsuko is the perfect cartoon series. The adorable Hello Kitty-inspired main character, Aggretsuko, is a red raccoon with one terrible 9-to-5 job. If you’ve ever had a job you hated, you’ll love Aggretsuko’s deep hatred for her office job, cheer when she drunkenly screams at her boss, and dance along to her headbanging heavy metal karaoke solos.

  • One of the biggest hits to come out of Netflix’s original content lineup, The Crown has fascinated viewers around the world. Centered on Queen Elizabeth, the current monarch of the British throne and the longest-reigning in history, this addictive TV series offers insight into life behind the walls of the world’s most famous palace. From her days as a princess to her coronation to everyday life as the monarch of the Commonwealth, this series covers the Queen’s reign in a captivating manner with its drama, political intrigue, historical detail, and decadent scenery – and rumor has it the Queen herself is a fan of this historical drama.

  • One of the most critically acclaimed TV shows in recent history, Breaking Bad is a show that everyone needs to watch in their lifetime. You can catch the entire series on Netflix, getting to know former high school chemistry teacher turned drug lord Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman. White’s cancer leaves him with no financial stability, but he luckily knows the formula to create his very own premium meth. Together, White and Pinkman face death, drug deals gone wrong, and kingpins out to kill. Each episode of the series deals with morality, family, and addiction, and it’s one series you just can’t help but get addicted to.

  • There’s nothing more thrilling than series that offer insight into the minds of criminals, and every true crime fan needs to watch Mindhunter. Set in the late 1970s, this series – which is already set to start airing its second season soon – viewers follow two rulebreakers within the FBI, Agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, as they create the very first Behavioral Science Unit in America. This gripping series combines real murder cases with FBI investigations and groundbreaking interviews with famed murderers, all in the name of learning about the psychology behind these crimes, and it’s nearly impossible not to binge the entire season all at once.

  • Science fiction fans, get ready: you won’t be able to contain your excitement when you start watching Altered Carbon. This flashy take on a novel of the same name is absolutely decadent, combining traditional science fiction with extreme wealth, dizzying innovation, and incredible CGI backgrounds. Set in the 2100s, Altered Carbon follows a mercenary who’s trying to hunt down a murderer – except nothing is exactly as it seems. No one can truly die in this fictional world, as humans’ consciousness can be uploaded and downloaded into new bodies with backgrounds and stories of their very own. With echoes of the twists and turns of HBO’s Westworld and the stunning CGI of Blade Runner, this is one TV show you’ll want to watch over and over.

  • Real life and creative genius come together in GLOW, one of the most popular Netflix TV shows right now. Based on the 1980s TV show of the same name, this iteration of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling explores what happens when a group of struggling, down-on-their-luck actresses comes together to make a show unlike any ever aired before. With nostalgic ‘80s fashion – including the unforgettable leotards and big, crimped hair of the decade – and incredibly impressive wrestling moves, GLOW lets viewers see friendships blossom, challenges build a sisterhood, and a rich cast of characters you’ll want to befriend.

  • Documentary fans who aren’t afraid to laugh at the seriousness of the genre will love Netflix’s American Vandal – and so will anyone who loves comedy. A semi-serious investigation into a high school crime spree, American Vandal makes fun of the typical high school experience, spreads some gossip, and offers a sharp, though humorous, critique on the justice system. You’ll laugh out loud as you watch interviews reminiscent of true crime shows like Making a Murderer and Dateline with a cast of interesting high schoolers, all of whom played a role in the show’s phallic crime in one way or another.

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