Oct 03, 2019

Best Movies of Summer 2019

Ah, the summertime. The weather gets warmer, school’s out, and everything slows down a smidge or two. Summer also happens to be one of the biggest seasons for moviegoers, as Hollywood unveils the biggest blockbusters of the year. Hollywood’s concentration on the summer months mark it as one of the most profitable times of the year for filmmakers.

  • Nothing like a romantic comedy for a perfect hot summer date night!

    Released on May 3, Long Shot sees the typical hot-girls-falls-for-average-dude love story, with a ton of chemistry shooting off the screen between actress Charlize Theron and comedian Seth Rogen. Rogen plays a journalist looking for work who reconnects with his old babysitter from high school (played by Theron). Theron, who happens to be the U.S. Secretary of State, is ironically looking for a speechwriter. Enter, sparks and chaos!

    Mixing romance with politics doesn’t seem right most of the time, but it certainly worked well with this movie.

  • While your kids may have begged you to take them to see Detective Pikachu when it hit theatres on May 17, both children and adults alike fell in love with the world and creatures this flick brought to life.

    When detective Harry Goodman goes missing, his 20-something son Tim embarks on a search for dear old dad. Who pops up to help? Harry’s Pokémon partner, a talking Pikachu.

  • Rocketman, the Elton John biopic, gave audiences a sneak peek into the iconic musician’s life. From his time growing up to his rise to fame, John’s songs literally turn into the soundtrack for his life.

    Premiering first at the Cannes Film Festival on May 16, Rocketman would go onto gross well over $100 million across the globe when it released later in the month.

  • Released on June 21, this highly anticipated — by both children and adults, alike — Pixar flick did not disappoint.

    The movie picks up right where Toy Story 3 left off. As it turns out Woody has yet to truly find his happily ever after, as most audiences had thought. Fans of the Toy Story franchise came to learn that unlike with Andy, Woody was a far cry from being one of Bonnie’s favorite toy choices.

    Movie goers were on the edge of their seats, as we followed Woody’s journey towards the next chapter in his toy life; laughing, crying and gasping all along the way.

  • The sleeper hit of the 2019 summer season has to be the British romantic comedy Yesterday. It follows a struggling musician who ends up being the only person who remembers the Beatles.

    What does he do? Well, he re-writes history by producing their music and becoming famous!

  • From a comedy that had everyone laughing in the aisles to a horror film that met rave reviews from film critics worldwide, Midsommar was praised for its direction, courtesy of Ari Aster, and the incredible performance by lead actress Florence Pugh.

    Released on July 3, the flick centers around a group of friends that take a trip to a festival in Sweden, which only happens every 90 years. Upon hitting their destination, the crew finds themselves trapped within a pagan cult. Yikes!

    If you didn’t catch this movie in the theatres, it might be a perfect rental to watch while under a stack of blankets on a crisp and cold fall night.

  • While it’s not the first Spider-Man movie to topple the box office, Far From Home very well could be the last.

    Having said that, this latest installment for the web-slinging Marvel character had “summer moneymaker” written all over it with action, romance, and some cheeky and charming one-liners. The movie was released on July 5 and had many flocking to the theatre to watch everyone’s favorite night monkey.

  • It truly did feel like the “circle of life” for many parents who rushed to the movie theatre with kids in tow to watch the computer-animated remake of The Lion King.

    Released on July 19, audiences reminisced over the tale of a young lion who tries to embrace his role as king, after his crazy uncle Scar murders his father, Mufasa. Nostalgia mixed in with some digital technology brought these cartoon characters to life.

    As such, many took the opportunity to watch it not once, but multiple times in the theatre. Due to all these repeat watches, the film took the top spot when it came to box office ticket sales, grossing 58.1 million during the summer months alone.

  • How could a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt and directed by the infamous Quentin Tarantino not be a huge summer smash!

    Released on July 26, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood truly was a loving testimony to Hollywood in the 1960s and shockingly far softer than what Tarantino has done in the past. The flick follows a washed-up actor who is trying to get back into an industry that continues to pass him by.

  • Action, adventure, and the Rock? This movie screams “summer blockbuster” from top to bottom.

    The spin-off to the Fast and the Furious movie franchise paired Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) with Jason Statham (Shaw), as they battle cyber-enhanced terrorists, in an effort to save the world from a deadly virus. Sounds about right when it comes to a Rock movie!

    Hobbs & Shaw hit theatres on August 2 and quickly became the seventh highest-grossing film this year, racking up well over $600 million to date.

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