Oct 22, 2019

Best Tablets of 2019

Although smartphones are still purchased and used more frequently than tablets, increasing numbers of consumers are discovering just how beneficial larger screens are for their everyday lives and business needs. In fact, many use tablets as miniature computers. Statistics from 2017 show that 16.2 percent of the global population currently uses tablets. Those looking for a high-quality tablet with plenty of features need to look no further than one of these five options.

  • The iPad Pro reigns supreme when it comes to premier tablets for adults. With an incredibly thin screen, it has many of the same abilities as a laptop computer but without the bulk. The 11-inch model is by far the more popular size, matching many smaller laptops and tablets for size. However, don’t count the 12.9-inch option as it offers extra space. Plus, the Liquid Retina display creates gorgeous graphics with lifelike colors.

    The iPad Pro takes everything that individuals love about Apple products and improves them to create a truly captivating tablet. Daily tasks are nearly intuitive with incredible Apple-branded apps. In fact, iCloud lets individuals go from working on their iMacs to completing their tasks on their iPads. The Pro is a multi-tasking workhorse; letting users check their email, message friends, and work on creative projects simultaneously. For general computing needs, users should have approximately 10 hours of battery life.

    Other great iPad Pro features include the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil — that seamlessly connects to the Pro for charging — and the Smart Keyboard Folio, both of which are available for an extra charge. The only downside is the steeper price. The iPad Pro starts at $799 for the 11-inch model and $999 for the 12.9-inch model. Plus, there are extra charges for additional storage, cellular connection options, and accessories.


    • Huge screen size
    • Fast processing speeds
    • Support for 2nd Generation Apple Pencil


    • No headphone jack
    • No support for older accessories
    • High price

  • Tablet-lovers looking for something a little more affordable may prefer the Surface Go from Microsoft. This is a great solution for those who already know how to operate Windows-based computers and are looking for a moderately sized device perfect for light computing needs.

    Starting at only $399, the Surface Go offers a 10-inch screen. Additionally, it works well with the clip-on keyboard and stylus that users can purchase for additional fees. Unlike an iPad model, the Surface Go can be controlled with the touchpad conveniently located on the keyboard, so it does not have to function as a touchscreen-only tablet.

    The Surface Go comes with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard storage, and nine hours of battery life. It runs on the familiar Windows 10 platform, helping users integrate current Windows-based apps and programs across their devices.

    One major downside for some is that it is powered by a less powerful Pentium processor rather than the Core i-series Intel processor seen on other Microsoft devices. For everyday computing, this should be enough power to keep most users happy. However, it may not work as seamlessly for major computing tasks.


    • Affordable price tag
    • Smaller screen for portability
    • Great for everyday computing


    • Less powerful Pentium processor
    • Small keyboard and stylus must be purchased separately

  • Considered by many professionals to be the best Android tablet on the market today, the Galaxy Tab S6 is a favorite among non-Apple devotees. This is since it offers a laptop-like experience with a tablet price tag.

    One of Tab’s best features is its thin, lightweight, widescreen display. Despite sporting a 10.5-inch screen, it somehow feels much larger thanks to its thin bezels. In fact, its design certainly gives the Apple iPad Pro a run for its money. Users can enjoy up to 15 hours of use on this tablet when performing general browsing and nearly 11 hours of watching videos.

    Speaking of money, the Tab S6 is somewhat easier on the budget compared to similar tablets. It rings in at $649 for the base model, which offers 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. A slightly heftier model for memory and storage costs $729. While this pricier model includes the popular S Pen, the keyboard cover must be purchased separately.


    • Thin, lightweight design
    • Android operating system
    • Up to 15 hours of battery time


    • Keyboard not included in price
    • No headphone jack

  • The iPad Air is the more affordable iPad model. Although it doesn’t have the screen size of the Pro, it still offers a 10.5-inch Retina display with gorgeous colors. Plus, with its starting price of $499, it is surprisingly affordable — especially for an Apple-branded product.

    Weighing in at only one pound, the iPad Air is incredibly easy to slip into a backpack, purse, or briefcase for everyday use. While the Air is just over six millimeters thick, it is incredibly quick and powerful. Although its design mimics iPad designs from years past, beneath the surface is an A12 chipset for top-of-the-line speed. It is sold in both 64GB and 256GB internal storage models.

    Some other top features of the Air include:

    • An 8mp camera;
    • Touch ID, and;
    • Functionality with the Smart Keyboard and 1st Generation Apple Pencil.

    Unfortunately, the Air doesn’t support the newest keyboard or pencil. Plus, its only port is the lightning port for charging.


    • Hundreds of dollars less than the iPad Pro
    • Thin, lightweight design
    • Top-of-the-line performance


    • Incompatible with newest Apple keyboard and pencil
    • No headphone jack
    • Older iPad design

  • The Microsoft Surface Pro amps up the Surface experience. This more expensive tablet improves on the Surface’s design with better battery life, a larger screen, the more powerful Intel Core processor, and plenty of storage. However, the price tag shows this difference with costs starting at $749.

    This upgraded device is truly gorgeous with a 12.3-inch rim-to-rim screen and thin design. Moreover, what the Pro offers under the hood is even more astounding. The Intel Core m3 processor creates a heavy-hitting workhorse. It runs with Windows 10 and can even be upgraded to an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM. Plus, the 13 hours of battery life lasts long enough for an extended office day

    While the upgraded Surface Pen works wonders, both the pen and the keyboard are not included in the initial cost. Despite not being included with the tablet, they are well worth the money as they turn this tablet into a miniature computer.


    • Good battery life
    • Strong, powerful processor


    • Surface Pencil and Type Cover not included
    • No USB or Thunderbolt ports

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