Jan 31, 2020

Here Are Some Airline Discounts That Seniors Should Take Advantage Of

While traveling at a younger age has its perks, there are benefits of waiting until retirement to see the world. Being older comes with some surprising incentives – like senior discounts. That’s right: certain airlines offer discounted rates for older passengers. Travel can be costly, and seniors should definitely try saving money whenever possible. But only some airlines offer these special lower prices. If you’re looking for the cheapest airfare for your next trip, check out these airlines for some deals.

  • If you’re 65 years of age or older, you can qualify for reduced fares with AirFrance. Select flights will show whether it’s a discounted rate. 

    To view the deals, go to the AirFrance website and fill in the online form with your trip details. Make sure to select the senior option under the passengers tab. Deals for seniors, or other applicable discounts, will be highlighted with a “lowest fare” label.

  • When booking your next domestic or international flight, consider checking out prices with United Airlines. They offer discounted rates for seniors ages 65 years and older. You can call a customer service representative to see if it applies to your requested flight or check it out online.

    To view online prices with United Airlines, go to their website. Fill in the form asking for details of your desired itinerary and make sure to select the senior option under “Travelers.” From there, you’ll be able to look at flights and its corresponding prices. You can also talk to a customer service representative to see if they’re offering any additional discounts.

  • On Delta’s website, it states that senior discounts can apply to selected itineraries—but they aren’t available online. To see if a discount applies to your travels, you’ll have to contact Delta directly. You can reach their general sales and service representatives anytime and day at 800-221-1212 to learn more.

  • Seniors can get discounts for long haul flights across the pond through their AARP membership. You can sign up with your AARP account on British Airways to unlock some deals. An AARP account costs $12 annually, and there are additional discounts if you buy a three- or five-year membership.

    The discounts for British Airways though AARP’s service is significant. You can save $65 for economy travel, or up to $200 off for a business class ticket. Discounted fares in search results will be highlighted with the word “Discount” on the website. 

    These offers are exclusive to AARP members and prices can fluctuate depending on your trip selection.

  • Unfortunately, a lot of airlines have discontinued their senior discounts—but that doesn’t mean the deals are gone. There are tons of online resources that will do the work for you in finding the cheapest prices.

    Skyscanner is an excellent website to visit when you’re starting the search for airfare. Simply fill in the details of your destination such as the dates and number of passengers on their homepage. From there, the site will scour the internet of all the options and give you the best price it can find.

    If you’re feeling spontaneous, consider typing in your destination as “Everywhere.” Skyscanner will show you the cheapest destination options for your selected dates, and the results might inspire you to actually book the trip. The service is free to use, and it will direct you to the corresponding airline’s website once you decide which deal you’d like to take advantage of.

    Hopper is a similar app you can download on your phone that will help find cheap airfare. You can track the prices of a certain flight and Hopper will notify you once prices begin to drop and rise. It can also predict when airfare prices are expected to change, which can help you decide when it’s the best time to book your flight.

    You can also consider booking a flight on low-cost airlines like  Southwest Airlines, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines. Companies like these don’t offer senior discounts because their prices are low enough on a regular basis.

    If you prefer to let someone do the searching for you, then you can always meet with a travel agent who will do their best to book the best deal. Traveling to a new destination is often a once in a lifetime opportunity, and seniors should feel comfortable their getting the best possible deal.

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