Nov 27, 2020

Modern Decor Items for Christmas

Some people are traditional with their Christmas decorating, others are maximalists, and some might prefer modernity. Modern designs give you a clean and sophisticated look that will elevate your home for the holidays. Lucky for modern enthusiasts, there are plenty of decorations that will fit your aesthetic for Christmas. Anything from trees to garland to stocking holders and beyond are just one online search away. Decorations are sold in a variety of colors, styles, and price points. This makes it super easy to find holiday items that will look great in your home and fit your budget. Here are 10 modern decor items for Christmas.

  • Price: Starting at $49.95

    Take a minimalist approach to your holiday wreath with this skinny one from CB2. It comes in 18 and 36-inch sizes that mimics the look of cedar. Hang it on your door, on the wall, or over a window to add modern charm to your decor.

  • Price: $39.95

    Upgrade your mantle with these marble stocking holders. These square-shaped bases are designed with a block of white marble atop a brass-finished base. It can hang your stockings during the holidays, and then be used to hang keys or scarves during the rest of the year in your home’s entryway.

  • Price: $190

    These LED White Trees from West Elm will make a dazzling impression either inside or outside your home. The twinkly lights are paired with a skinny white base to create a super delicate and pretty looking tree. Set it up somewhere indoors to admire or place it on your front porch for some extra light.

  • Price: $59.95 – $79.95

    You could probably get away with displaying these trees all year round thanks to its chic and minimalist look. These cone shaped trees are designed with leather trims and stitched detailing circles wrapped around. They are sold in black, white, and brown, with measurements ranging from 13 to 19-inches tall.

  • Price: $49.50

    Hang your stocking with care using this Santa’s Sleigh Stocking Holders from Pottery Barn. This all-black statement piece brings an imaginative scene to your mantle with a pair of reindeer pulling a sleek looking sleigh. It’s made of iron and aluminum with a bronze finish to give it a striking, yet subdued, appearance.

  • Price: Starting at $9.95

    Light the top of these White Tree Candles and watch them slowly melt over time. This candle doubles as a figurine since it’s not held in a container. Buy a few candles in different sizes to create a mini forest in your home.

  • Price: $49.95

    Invite a wintry friend into your home with this Marble Penguin Sculpture. This black and white figure is the perfect holiday knick knack to place on your desk, dresser, mantle, or anywhere else you’d want to have it on display. It’s made in India with a marble and a gold-finished stainless steel beak. Plus, each sculpture is unique because of the natural materials used to make it.

  • Price: $19.99

    Place your Christmas themed items on this tree-shaped wall decoration. The triangular shelf is minimalistic and wooden. It’s a modern solution to placing your decor all in one place. You can easily hang it on the wall and even wrap lights around to draw more attention towards it.

  • Price: $40 to $80

    This Metal Leaf Garland will look dazzling on your mantle thanks to its gold finish and LED lights. The lights emit a warm white color, which can be easily set to a six hour timer. Buy an individual strand or a set of two.

  • Price: $49

    Cozy up your home with these pom pom sherpa throws from Pottery Barn. They are made of 100 percent polyester and available to buy in red, white, grey, brown, and green. The supersoft pillow would look great draped onto your couch, sprawled on the bed, or even tucked into a basket when they’re not being used.

  • These 10 items are just a small selection of the modern decor items available to buy. You can seamlessly add these holiday decorations into your home. They look clean and sophisticated, yet festive — which is the perfect mix for someone looking for modern decor. Discover more clean and contemporary items by searching online.

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