Oct 01, 2020

5 Non-Traditional Gyms to Help Get You Fit

Not everyone takes advantage of regular gyms. The weights, treadmill, elliptical, and other standard workout methods available can get repetitive and boring. But what if you could join a less traditional gym that offers a different type of workout? There are unique facilities that make working out fun. Depending on your interests, signing up for something different could make you more excited to workout on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, challenge yourself, or want a new hobby, joining a gym is a healthy lifestyle choice. Here are five unique gyms to sign up for.

  • You don’t have to live near the ocean to become a surfer. Instead you can join a Surfset Fitness class. This is a workout that engages your core and stabilizer muscles to shock the system and challenge your body. It mimics the movements surfers do while out on the water, except you’ll use a board on land. There are various movements surfers do to achieve a strong and lean physique.

    Paddling builds shoulder definition, strengthens lower back muscles, and boosts cardiovascular fitness. There’s also ducking, a move surfers do when diving under oncoming waves, that builds arm strength. The pop-up maneuver engages your core, and the overall process of riding the waves is excellent for increasing balance, strength, and flexibility.

    Surfset Fitness offers 45 minute classes that utilizes surf-inspired movements to achieve a total body workout. You can search online to find classes near you.

  • Upgrade your typical bike session with a membership to SoulCycle. This class has been popularized thanks to its fun spin on the traditional workout. SoulCycle classes have dim lighting, high-energy music, and an enthusiastic instructor to guide you through a choreographed workout on the bike.

    Riders can sign up for theme-based classes. This is when classes are dedicated to a certain type of music or artist. Themes you might encounter include “Latin Party”, “Throwback Thursday”, “Pop Punk Ride”, and lots more. Some studios even have SoulBeat, which is a post-ride recap that gives you stats about how you connected with music during the ride.

    Members can book a class on the SoulCycle website. You’ll need a special pair of shoes to use the bikes, which you can rent for $3 at the studio.

  • If you feel there is never enough time in a day to workout, consider joining 9Round. This is a 30 minute kickbox-inspired workout that operates in a circuit format. There are nine rounds, each with its own workout, that you do for three minutes at a time. In just half an hour, your full body workout is complete. The setup can feel similar to having a private trainer since a coach is always on the floor and ready to help you execute each workout properly.

    9Round also provides members with a pair of boxing gloves and wearable heart rate technology. This device allows you to track your heart rate and calories burned displayed on a screen at the club, which also shows whether you’re in the optimal fat burning zone.

    There are over 700 locations currently open. You can visit 9Round for a free workout session before committing to a membership.

  • Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or have already been training for years, Crossfit is an option for all exercise levels. This type of workout involves a combination of exercise and nutrition to increase health for people of all ages. The program is designed with different types of challenges that focus on optimizing endurance, stamina, flexibility, and every other aspect of physical health.

    Everyday, Crossfit will share a workout of the day. This can include exercises such as squats, deadlifts, burpees, bench presses, and more — basically a complete workout that’s been chosen by Crossfit trainers. All exercises can be modified to be more or less challenging, allowing anyone with injuries or ailments to still partake in a safe workout.

    Anyone can take part in Crossfit’s workout of the day by visiting its website. You can also search online to find a Crossfit gym near you to interact with trainers and other members.

  • Animal Flow is a fitness program that focuses on quadrupedal and ground-based movement. It’s a bodyweight-training discipline that can give you increased mobility, flexibility, stability, endurance and other health improvements.

    There are six different components included in an Animal Flow workout. Here’s a breakdown of each movement:

    • Wrist Mobilizations – prepares hands and wrists for challenges of Animal Flow
    • Activations – wakes up the body
    • Form Specific Stretches – full body stretches encourage flexibility
    • Traveling Forms – mimics animal movements to improve functionality
    • Switches and Transitions – dynamic movements
    • Flows – where all Animal Flow components come together

    Some or all of these components can be incorporated into your workout. You can join online workshops and interact with certified instructors to complete an Animal Flow workout from the comfort of your own home. You can also look online to find a class near you.

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