Oct 29, 2018

Stuff to Eat in Rome

  • (Rome – Piazza del Paradiso, 56, 00186)
    Absolutely, the best cornetto I’ve had in Rome. Or anywhere else. Near the Campo de Fiori. Plain is perfection, and the one sprinkled in sugar is possibly the best sweet I’ve ever eaten

  • (Rome – Campo De’ Fiori, 22 & Vicolo del Gallo, 14, 00186)

    1) Get a slice of pizza bianca – it’s a focaccia-like bread brushed with olive oil and salt that’s a staple Roman breakfast. IMO the forno in the Campo is hands down the best place for it.

    2) There is an annex of the forno that’s to its immediate left across the alley. It’s open different hours than the main location, and open during riposo. Get a panino there. They stuff the pizza bianca from the forno with deliciousness. The. Best. Sandwich. Ever. My favorite is the veggie one – tomatoes, arugula, squash blossoms and mozzarella.

  • (Rome – Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 00186)

    My favorite cheese shop in Rome. Closed during riposo. Just off the Campo, adjacent to the forno. Binge on Buffalo Mozzarella, Burratta, and Fior di Latte (cow mozzarella) when you’re in Italy. If not from here, than from anywhere. It puts everything in the states to shame. This place has a great selection and they’re super nice.

  • (Rome – Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 43)

    Salami/prosciutto galore. It’s an awesome shop. Super friendly, great products, and they let you sample a ton. I love the coppiette – or “pig candy” – a pork jerky that comes in long thin, pinkish-orangish strips.

  • (Rome – Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22)

    Go for dinner. You’ll need a reservation. It’s pretty casual. In the neighborhood of the Campo de Fiori. There’s a counter at the front that sells meats, cheeses, wine, and salads throughout the day – and there are tables for lunch and dinner service in the back and downstairs. Really great selection, and everything is delicious.

  • (Rome – Via di Santa Maria Dè Calderari, 38)

    Go for dinner. In the Roman Ghetto. Relatively formal, but really comfortable. Inexpensive for what it is. It’s an old school place that’s been there forever. A great place to get Amatriciana. The Jewish style fried artichokes are out of this world – restaurants in the neighborhood are known for them. There’s a vending machine that sells toothbrushes in the bathroom, which is so amazing and funny to me.

  • (Rome – Viale di Trastevere, 53)

    This place is nuts – go for the spectacle over the food. We didn’t think much of the pizza here compared to what you can get in Naples. It’s very thin and floury – almost reminded us of a quesadilla? But certainly not bad. And Roman’s love the place. It’s completely packed – there will be a line, but it moves fast. Unlike most restaurants – people get in and out fast. The pizzaiolos are insane to watch – they make like 20 pizzas at a time and are covered in flour.

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