Oct 25, 2019

The 10 Most Unique Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

Searching for your next tattoo inspiration or are a fan of the medium in general? There are tons of tattoo artists out there who are pushing the boundaries of art and exploring what’s possible using needles, ink, and flesh. Social media gives these artists a platform to showcase their work, advertise their available flash, and even book appointments. Many tattoo artists attract followers from around the globe. The most avid of which book appointments, buy plane tickets, and pay thousands of dollars to collect a piece of the artist’s work on their skin. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are some of the most unique tattoo artists that you should be following on Instagram.

  • Moscow-born tattoo artist Sasha Unisex is one of the most popular on Instagram.

    With 811k followers, she regularly attracts attention because of her unique tattoos. Her style is both geometric and inspired by watercolors. The results are tattoos that look like they’ve been constructed out of sunset-splashed geometric blocks.

    Even though her tattoos are mostly constructed using these characteristic geometric shapes, her primary inspiration is the natural world. Whether it’s a flower, a unicorn, or an elegant fox, her work is always recognizable.

    Sasha works around the world, but she’s so popular that her booking line is temporarily closed. If you’re dying to get your hands on a piece of her art, she sells her designs as both temporary tattoos and pins through her website.

  • Popular tattoo artist Keith McCurdy is only 29 years old. Despite that, he’s already got a pretty impressive resume, which includes being the owner/operator of two NYC tattoo parlors called Bang Bang. He’s best known not for his work, but for who he does it on. Past clients include Rihanna, Lebron James, and Katy Perry.

    Check out his feed if you’re looking for a wide variety of tattoo styles. He regularly features the artists from his two NYC shops, as well as frequent celeb cameos. His most well-known tattoo to date is a tiny gun on Rihanna’s breast. He chronicles that and more in his new book, My Life in Ink.

  • Tati Compton, who is sometimes known by her married name Tati Fox, is an LA-based, London-born tattoo artist who specializes in stick-and-poke tattoos.

    Instead of the crude tattoos we’re used to seeing on goths and hardcore punks, Compton does elegant tattoos that are poked in impossibly fine lines. The tiny dots of her work have a real pointillist quality. This makes it seem like her figures and drawings are clothed in tiny stars. Her tattoos often feature female figures and have a real occult, witchy vibe. She describes her style as “feminine, but not girly”.

    Many people have credited her — along with a few other Instagram stars — as the artists who are lending legitimacy to the stick-and-poke genre.

  • Georgia Grey tattoos at Roses & Rebels in Jersey City, NJ. Her tattoos blend realism and watercolors into quirky and unique designs. Her work manages to stay personal while still using several different techniques.

    Grey has a popular style that many people gravitate towards- her brushstroke tattoos are beautifully done and look like a sweep of color draped across the body.

    Although Grey is currently taking bookings several months in advance, it is possible to get an appointment with her in her New Jersey studio. Grey does all this while parenting an infant, which is no mean feat.

  • Another tattoo artist who has received attention for his work, as well as his notable clientele, is Scott Campbell. He started his career tattooing at the legendary Paper Machine in San Francisco before opening Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn. Some famous recipients of his work are Marc Jacobs, Penelope Cruz, and the late Heath Ledger.

    Campbell’s tattoos are masterfully shaded and span a variety of styles including classic lettering and photorealistic portraits. His tattoos are typically on the larger end of the spectrum. Plus, many are of mythological and gothic figures adorned with natural touches.

    In addition to his tattoos, Campbell has made a name for himself in the fine arts community. In fact, he has received acclaim for his work in both sculpture and watercolor.

  • German tattoo artist Peter Aurisch began his career as a painter and printmaker before transitioning to tattooing. Based in a small shop outside of Berlin called Johnny Nevada, he’s known around the world for his Cubist and geometric-inspired tattoos that he designs using inspiration from each client. He only takes one client a day. Generally, he draws freehand, sometimes not starting the design process until the client arrives.

    Aurisch’s work blends black ink with bright shades of color. They even change depending on how you look at them.

    If you can manage to get an appointment, Aurisch’s work is playful, dramatic, and unique to each client.

  • Although his new tattoo studio may be harder to access than an Academy Award afterparty, Dr. Woo likes the idea that clients have to work to gain access to his inner sanctum. His new studio, the Hideaway at Studio X, is located inside Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel… for now. It’s rumored that the location changes every few months, but you’d have to get an appointment to know.

    Dr. Woo’s specialty is slim needle tattoos, which adorn the likes of Drake, Miley Cyrus, and Emilia Clarke. Born and raised in LA, Dr. Woo started practicing his craft on friends around the age of 12 and got his first professional tattoo at 14. He started apprenticing with Mark Mahoney, a legendary single-needle tattooist, at a young age. Through persistence, Dr. Woo managed to get his artistry up to the level of his enthusiasm.

  • Tattoo artist Corey Divine specializes in blockwork tattoos based on interlocking patterns of geometric shapes that cascade down an arm, leg, or even cover the entire back. His full sleeves are gorgeous and totally mesmerizing. Plus, the smallest of his tattoos featured on his Instagram are easily a handspan or more.

    Divine is based in Oakland at his shop called Sacred Geometry. He accepts commissions through his website. He typically refuses smaller commissions, choosing instead to focus on larger pieces like sleeves and back pieces.

    Even if you’re not ready for one of his larger designs, Divine does sell fake tattoos from his shop, so you can still experience his artistry on a temporary basis.

  • NYC-based artist Sarah Gaugler is a noted tattooist. She owns and operates Snow Tattoo, located in Chelsea, NYC.

    Gaugler came to the United States from the Philippines in 2015 with her shop, which had already been operating for three years in Manila. She quickly became famous within the United States for her delicate line work and ethereal drawings of the natural world, astrological signs, and human figures. Her signature tattoo is a sprig of lavender. You can see on it and many other gorgeous script tattoos on her Instagram.

    In addition to being a popular tattoo artist, Gaugler is the lead singer of Turbo Goth. She also acts and models on the side.

  • Chicago tattoo artist Stephanie Brown is one of the most interesting tattooists working in the United States today. She previously ran Butterfat Studios. After it closed, she switched to a chair at Black Oak and guests in various other studios around the country.

    Instead of taking suggestions from clients, Brown maintains a database of available projects on her website, which can be claimed by any client. She then works with the client to customize the work to suit their body and taste. Despite customizing it a bit for the client, she will not stray from the original inspiration.

    Brown’s work is at once deeply realistic and simultaneously painterly and surreal. Some current projects she’s offering are a back piece of E.A. Seguy-inspired insects and an Audubon print of a Canada Jay on a backdrop of vibrant oak leaves. Additionally, she offers prints of some of her most popular paintings on her website.

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