Mar 21, 2019

The 13 Best Keto Recipes

If you’re just starting the keto diet, the wealth of information and the heavy restrictions might intimidate you. Essentially, the keto (ketogenic) diet is a way to force the body to produce fuel molecules called ketones, rather than glucose, which typically come from sugar. This diet mimics the state that we enter when we fast, which is called ketosis.

Since we can’t abstain from food forever, the keto diet is a good way to get all the benefits of fasting without starving. The keto diet emphasizes natural fats, above-ground veggies (like avocados, asparagus, and eggplant), meat, cheese, eggs, and fish. And limiting your carbs is essential. Here are some great keto-friendly recipes you can try if you’re following the keto diet.

  • Keto bread seems like a misnomer, but it’s true – it’s actually possible to enjoy bread that’s extremely low in carbs. The keto bread from Diet Doctor uses almond flour, ground psyllium husk powder, and egg whites to make bread that’s light and airy in less than an hour. The dough doesn’t need to rise, and can be shaped into rolls or kept as one big loaf. Top with sesame seeds, and you’ve got yourself a keto-friendly burger bun.

  • Yes, even your morning coffee should be keto! Try a recipe for Bulletproof coffee, which is well-known in the keto community and gives people who love rich, milky coffee a way to stick to their regular morning routine. Instead of using milk or cream, which aren’t keto-compliant, this technique blends freshly-brewed coffee with butter and coconut oil to make a rich, creamy emulsion. The result is a cup of coffee that tastes like you added milk and sugar.

  • If you’re searching for incredible keto desserts, you have to try this triple-layer chocolate cake with chocolate mascarpone filling and chocolate ganache glaze that’s 100% keto compliant. It will reassure you that you can eat keto and still enjoy dessert – not just occasionally, but whenever you want! You’ll use erythritol as a sweetening agent and flavor the cake layers with coffee, almond milk, and vanilla extract.

  • One of the most important elements in the keto diet is fat. Fat is essentially replacing both carbs and sugar in your diet, so it’s important to get enough of it. Fortunately, it’s very enjoyable to eat foods with lots of fat, like butter, cream cheese, or peanut butter. Fat bombs are a great keto snack that basically gives you a boost of calories through fat. Try orange fat bombs, which are made with butter, coconut oil, heavy cream, cream cheese, and orange zest, and can be drizzled with melted chocolate to make them even more decadent.  

  • Many people rely on hard-boiled eggs as a keto snack because they’re easy to make, easy to take on the go, and provide lots of protein and healthy fat. However, they can get a bit bland on their own. If the thought of dipping your egg in cream cheese or mayonnaise grosses you out, whip up these awesome Cheddar Bacon Deviled Eggs instead. All you need to do is remove the yolks from hard-boiled eggs, and mash them with some mayonnaise, spices, and cheddar cheese. Then the mix is piped back into the egg halves and covered with more cheese and bacon crumbles.

  • Another recipe that’s delicious, impressive, and totally low-carb is the keto take on Beef Wellington, a spectacular dish that uses puff pastry to encase a full beef tenderloin that’s wrapped in rich pate. Instead of using puff pastry, this recipe uses a mixture of melted mozzarella cheese and almond flour to make a crisp dough to cover the tenderloin. The dough is extremely sticky, so it’s rolled flat between two pieces of parchment paper, and filled before it can get too soft.

  • Need some more variety in your keto diet? While you may have to cut out staples like potato chips and tortilla chips, you don’t have to give up on all of your favorite snack foods entirely. If you’re craving something different, try frying up a batch of keto-compliant tortilla chips. They use homemade flaxseed tortillas and deep-fry them until they’re crisp. The entire recipe gives you almost 30 grams of protein!

  • Puttanesca sauce is a rich sauce that’s typically served over spaghetti. To make it keto compliant, try using spaghetti squash that’s roasted until it shreds into strips that look a little bit like actual spaghetti noodles. The sauce, which was invented in Naples, uses pickled, briny ingredients like anchovies, capers, and olives and mixes them into crushed tomatoes with garlic and spices. The result is a sauce that’s intense and flavorful, and pairs well with mild spaghetti squash.

  • The combination of tacos and pizza on a crust made entirely of ground chicken seems like the ultimate heavy, decadent meal. However, what if we told you that just one small slice of Chicken Crust Taco Pizza has 15 grams of protein and only two carbs? Pizza crusts made of spiced ground chicken are a reliable way to make sure that you can still enjoy pizza without all of the carbs from the crust. The base of this pizza is thin and crispy, which means that you can eat lots of it without feeling heavy or full.

  • Pasta is a no-go on the keto diet, but if you’re craving some starch you can try keto-friendly lasagna. The noodles (the only part of lasagna that isn’t keto-compliant) are primarily a vessel for all the other parts of the dish – so why not take the things everyone loves the most about lasagna like the seasoned beef, the delicious tomato sauce, and the gooey cheese and stack it up in a skillet to make an amazing keto lasagna bake? It only takes 20 minutes in the oven to turn these disparate ingredients into a delicious, piping hot dinner that has 21 grams of protein and only 4.9 grams of carbs per serving.

  • For some people, a bubbling chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort food. With keto, using puff pastry or biscuit dough to top your chicken pot pie isn’t allowed, but you can still make the bulk of the dish exactly the same, and top it with a rich and crispy keto-friendly top. Try a recipe that uses cooked, diced chicken that’s topped with a flavorful white sauce made from butter, heavy cream, chicken broth, and spices. Then, a crust made from coconut flour, sour cream, eggs, and shredded cheese is spread on top and the entire thing is cooked until golden brown and bubbling.

  • If your guilty pleasure is super greasy, carb-heavy deep-fried egg rolls, you’re in luck. There’s a recipe for keto-friendly egg rolls – and though it technically qualifies as a kind of slaw, it’s incredibly delicious. The base of this dish is sautéed cabbage and pork, tossed with flavorful sauces like coconut aminos, sesame oil, and soy sauce. It’s exactly what’s inside a regular egg roll, minus the fried exterior.

  • These delicious, blueberry-heavy muffins use almond and coconut flour, monkfruit (a type of granulated sweetener), and coconut oil to ensure keto compliance. Even though they don’t contain white sugar, they still have crunchy, sugar-sprinkled tops because of the monkfruit. Not only are they healthy, but they also taste better than most regular muffins made with wheat flour.

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