Dec 12, 2018

The 9 Best True Crime Podcasts

Few things capture the entire world’s attention, but back in 2014, absolutely everyone was listening to the same podcast: Serial. The very first true crime podcast to draw such a huge audience, Serial created the standard for some of the best podcasts to come out of the last few years. And true crime podcasts are only getting more riveting, more complicated, and more intriguing.

Though Serial set the stage for in-depth coverage of twisted, complex, and mind-boggling true crime podcasts, the genre has become even more exciting to explore in the years since the original premiered. Compelling to listen to and thought-provoking in their own ways, each of the following true crime podcasts is a perfect pick if you’re looking for a little mystery and truly captivating tales.

  • There’s no debating which true crime podcast is the best of the bunch: downloaded more than 175 million times since its premiere and continuing to set new records, Serial is an absolute must-listen. If you have yet to delve into its depths, Serial takes a new look into the disappearance and murder of high school student Hae Min Lee and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. Though the case takes place back in 1999, host Sarah Koenig of NPR’s This American Life uncovers new details, raises complex questions, and leaves you thinking about Syed’s conviction in new ways.

  • you want to take a deep dive into the most intimate details of crimes both solved and unsolved, the podcast Someone Knows Something narrated by David Ridgen is one of the most riveting. Initially focused on the mysterious disappearance of a child in Canada in the 1970s, this podcast is one of the most detailed and thorough in its coverage of crimes. Now into its fourth season with nearly 40 episodes to binge on, Someone Knows Something explores an entirely different true crime case each year. From asking pressing questions to leaving listeners with a sense of fulfillment, this podcast has it all.

  • Some true crime cases reach far beyond the city in which they happen, and that’s the case with the very first season of the In the Dark podcast. Reported by Madeleine Baran, In the Dark covered the kidnapping of 11-year-old Jacob – and in addition to focusing on the crime itself, the podcast captured listeners with its discussion of how law enforcement professionals mishandled the case and fueled a nationwide panic, the start of “stranger danger,” and the creation of the now well-known national sex offender registry. In the Dark took on an entirely different case and type of crime in season two, focusing instead on the details of the justice system, double jeopardy, and more complex questions about the American legal practices we know so well.

  • If you’re a true crime fan at all, you adore murders and criminal cases that are still unsolved after years of investigation – and that’s exactly what the Unsolved Murders podcast covers. Every episode of this podcast covers a different case, a different murder, discussing the history, the crime itself, and what happened to witnesses, court cases, and even conflicting reports of the murders themselves. Unsolved Murders is always discussing cases from famous to relatively unknown, and crime fans will love speculating alongside the hosts, trying to solve these still open and largely cold cases on their own.

  • There’s no better title for a true crime podcast than the straightforward Missing and Murdered – but this podcast, which discusses both solved and unsolved murders over two seasons, is one of the most intriguing. While season one tells the story of the still-unsolved 1989 murder of a woman in British Columbia, season two changes paths and covers the kidnapping and eventual murder of a Native American child in the 1970s. Thanks to the in-depth, season-long discussion, listeners really get the intimate details of these shocking crimes.

  • If you want a real, reputable true crime podcast with stories told by those who lived them, Real Crime Profile is a must-listen. This podcast’s hosts include Laura Richards, an FBI- and Scotland Yard-trained criminal behavioral analyst, Jim Clemente, a retired FBI special agent, and Lisa Zambetti, the casting director of the popular TV show Criminal Minds. Together, these three true crime experts delve into current crimes and ongoing cases from the past few years, offering insights from their own experience in the field. Crime fans will also enjoy interviews with investigators, family members, and even forensic criminologist who are connected to the crimes.

  • What’s better than listening to true crime coverage with a glass of wine in hand? That’s the premise behind the popular podcast Wine and Crime – over the course of each hour-long episode, a group of women from Minnesota discuss true crimes and the ins and outs of the criminal justice system while sipping on wine. A bit more light hearted than other true crime podcasts, Wine and Crime gives you the details you crave along with the hosts’ unique takes on each crime. And, with nearly 80 episodes available, you can binge on this podcast easily.

  • Sometimes, you don’t want to hear about a variety of crimes; you just want to know about the most grisly, most shocking murders. And there are no murderers more compelling than serial killers. The Serial Killers podcast covers just that for those who can’t learn enough about the world’s most famous and prolific murderers. With nearly 70 different episodes to listen to, Serial Killers talks about nothing more than the killers themselves – and you’ll get the rare chance to hear from the murderers in recordings, making for one terrifying and captivating podcast.

  • If you want to get heavily invested in a single crime or criminal case like Serial and its original true crime story, you need to listen to Atlanta Monster. Designed to be just a one-season podcast, every one of the ten available episodes is filled with the twists and turns of one shockingly dark and devastating crime: the 1979 to 1981 Atlanta Child Murders. Over the course of those two years, more than 25 children disappeared and ended up dead. Atlanta Monster covers all of the details you need to know, leaving listeners both horrified and fascinated.

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