Dec 13, 2018

Top Songs of 2018

Every year, new songs captivate listeners everywhere. Those catchy tunes and can’t-forget lyrics become instant favorites and immediate hits, getting played on radios, streaming services, and public places everywhere. While every year has its own musical “feel” and hot songs, some stand out above all the rest to become the top songs of the year. And those are the songs that you’ll play long after 2018 is over.

If you’re in need of fresh new music, why not start with the best of the best this year? From rock and alternative to pop and hip hop, 2018’s top music is filled with variety and features hits from some of the biggest names in music along with exciting newcomers offering unique sounds – and you’ll want to listen to them over and over. Check out these, the top songs of 2018, if you’re looking for a solid playlist filled with current hits.

  • Artist: Cardi B feat. Bad Bunny & J. Balvin

    Genre: Rap

    Why It’s Great: Called the “song of the summer’ by Billboard Magazine, this chart-topping hit by Cardi B offers a fiesta full of sounds, samples, and catchy lyrics. With inspiration taken from 1967’s “I Like It Like That” by Pete Rodriguez, Cardi B combines boricua and modern rap, Spanish and English, and so many unique twists and turns in a single song.

  • Artist: Drake

    Genre: Pop/Rap

    Why It’s Great: One of the biggest hits off Drake’s fifth studio album, “God’s Plan” instantly became an international success when it was released in January. Bouncy and melodic, upbeat and keeping true to what Drake’s listeners have always loved about his music, this is one 2018 song you can’t – and shouldn’t – escape.

  • Artist: Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa

    Genre: Dance

    Why It’s Great: 2018 is the year of Dua Lipa, and this collaboration between the UK singer and famed EDM DJ and producer Calvin Harris became one of the most popular songs around the world as soon as it hit streaming services everywhere. Reminiscent of ‘90s house music and perfect for hitting any club’s dance floor, it’s hard to get “One Kiss” out of your head once you hear it.

  • Artist: Ariana Grande

    Genre: Pop

    Why It’s Great: Many songs have meaning, but Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry” is one of the most uplifting yet weighty tunes of the year due to its connection to the Manchester terrorist attack. In a direct response to pain and tragedy, this song lightens listeners’ thoughts and encourages happiness with every listen.

  • Artist: Childish Gambino

    Genre: Rap

    Why It’s Great: “This is America” reflects 2018 as a year, a moment in time, better than any other song released right now. It perfectly captures the current cultural zeitgeist, tapping directly into current events and making a political statement despite its catchy beat and chorus of famous voices in Childish Gambino, 21 Savage, Quavo, and Young Thug.

  • Artist: Zedd, Maren Morris, & Grey

    Genre: Pop

    Why It’s Great: This is one of 2018’s most played songs, and it was an immediate hit – despite its blend of musicians from vastly different genres, the mix of catchy lyrics, peppy and infectious chorus, and prominence absolutely everywhere makes this song irresistible.

  • Artist: King Princess

    Genre: Pop

    Why It’s Great: Although “1950” is technically a pop song, it’s captivated listeners in all genres thanks to its easy rhythm, delicate harmonies, and retro vocals. The first song by King Princess, “1950” is bold and entirely new, making it a serious standout this year.

  • Artist: Drake

    Genre: Pop/Rap

    Why It’s Great: Another winning tune from Drake’s newest album, this song is one you just can’t stop listening to. Backed by a star-studded music video filled with 2018’s most notable women, Drake’s song about female empowerment and encouragement is one that you’ll bounce along to with every beat.

  • Artist: Kacey Musgraves

    Genre: Country

    Why It’s Great: Kacey Musgraves’ latest single is country at heart, but it’s something entirely new to both country and music as a whole: it’s bringing disco back. Featuring catchy banjo and a chorus that simply soars, this song is one of the most impressive releases of the year.

  • Artist: Janelle Monae

    Genre: R&B

    Why It’s Great: Janelle Monae has long been underappreciated, but in 2018 the world is finally listening – and “Make Me Feel” is a song that’ll make you stop and take notice. With a ton of funk and inspiration drawn from Prince, this song is fast becoming an anthem.

  • Artist: Camila Cabello

    Genre: Pop

    Why It’s Great: With great range and a whole album filled with catchy hits, it’s no surprise that Camila Cabello has one of the year’s very best songs. “Never Be the Same” is a true powerhouse, showcasing the singer’s vocal talents as the song builds into powerful conclusion that makes it one that’s thrilling to hear over and over.

  • Artist: James Bay

    Genre: Alternative

    Why It’s Great: Alternative music doesn’t have to be heavy and brooding as James Bay proves in this 2018 song – it can be diverse and catchy, like the Strokes-reminiscent “Pink Lemonade” that has a chorus you can’t stop singing.

  • Artist: BTS

    Genre: K-Pop

    Why It’s Great: If you haven’t discovered K-Pop yet, you need to give “Fake Love” a listen – it’s so catchy you won’t be able to deny the earworm nature of this genre. With a shocking and impressive combination of pop, hip-hop, and even emo sounds in a single song, people everywhere are singing along to the English chorus.

  • X


  • Artist: Nicky Jam & J. Balvin

    Genre: Reggaeton

    Why It’s Great: An absolutely irresistible blend of classic dancehall sounds with current reggaeton, “X” became a huge hit this year. With a hook that makes anyone want to dance and a strong, enticing beat, this is one of 2018’s biggest viral hits (and yes, there’s a dance challenge to go with it).

  • Artist: Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Future, & James Blake

    Genre: Rap

    Why It’s Great: One of the standout songs from the incredible Black Panther soundtrack, “King’s Dead” showcases some of rap’s best all at once. Highlighting each of the rapper’s own styles and voices, this collaboration shows you something different with each listen.

  • Artist: Marshmello & Anne-Marie

    Genre: Pop

    Why It’s Great: One of the catchiest, brightest songs of the summer of 2018, “Friends” shows how impressive a combination of EDM and pop music can be. As the beat changes and evolves over the course of the song, you’ll fall in love with the lyrics just as much as what’s happening in the background.

  • Artist: Dua Lipa

    Genre: Pop

    Why It’s Great: This song by Dua Lipa is taking radios everywhere by storm, and it’s one of the hottest pop songs of 2018. Catchy, sassy, and undeniably easy to sing along to, this is a song that you can’t escape – and it’s incredibly easy to listen to over and over.

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