May 02, 2019 |
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Have you ever signed up for a “free” online tax software only to discover that it isn’t entirely free? Many programs require you to enter a credit card for that “free” service while others upsell you for more complex tax forms. DIY Tax steps away from those deceptive practices to offer 100 percent free federal and state tax filing. They don’t even have a payment processor attached to their website.

You can do the following with DIY Tax without entering a credit card:

  • Prepare Virginia and federal taxes
  • Print your prepared tax forms
  • e-file your prepared simple or complex tax forms
  • Access free online support if you have questions

DIY Tax is an online product offered by Liberty Tax and is different from the paid Liberty Tax software, e-Smart Tax. It’s backed by a 100 percent accuracy guarantee. The intuitive tax software will ask you simple questions about your work and life, using your answers to prepare Virginia and federal taxes.

You can always file taxes for free through this tax service. No tax situation is too difficult for DIY Tax.

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