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  • If you’ve ever wondered what your spring break or post-graduate backpacking trip would be like with your grandfather along, wonder no more. The Korean reality TV show Grandpas Over Flowers takes five veteran actors in their 70s and sends them off on an all-expenses-paid backpacking trip to Europe. Along with their guide Lee Seo Jin, […]

  • Another extremely charming reality TV show is Eat Well for Less?, which has been airing on the BBC since 2015. The show features a different family every week who agree to submit their grocery bills and the contents of their fridge to hosts Chris Bavin and Greg Wallace for inspection. The goal is for Greg […]

  • This extremely popular show managed to reach a viewership of 330 million viewers in its first two episodes alone. The Chinese reality TV show The Birth of Actors pairs young actors with experienced acting coaches. Celebrity judges Song Dandan, Liu Ye, and Zhang Ziyi then mark them as they recreate a famous scene from a […]


    Although many Brits are ashamed to admit it, Geordie Shore is a secret pleasure for many. The first season premiered in 2011. Since then, producers have kept the cast busy — sometimes filming as many as three seasons a year. Now on their 21st season, the cast has destroyed houses in places like Cancun, Magaluf, […]

  • Although technically Drag Race Thailand is based on the American reality TV series RuPaul’s Drag Race, the two shows have actually diverged quite significantly since the premier. Although both are contests that challenge drag queens to perform, sing, act, and design, Drag Race Thailand is considered much more serious competition. Plus, it features several cultural […]

  • Infinite Challenge is one of the most popular TV shows in Korea. Although it’s technically only been on the air for four seasons, it has released more than 560 episodes since it began in 2005. The show itself was a cross between a variety show and a reality TV show. As such, various recurring segments […]

  • As technology advances, it’s interesting to see people who intentionally give up their devices and live in the ways of our great-grandparents. The British reality series The 1900 House was the first TV show to take advantage of this fascination. The premise of the show was that an ordinary British family would be brought to […]

  • You may be wondering what separates The Bachelor ­from The Bachelor Canada. Well, it’s not much, but for ardent fans, the difference is there. The Bachelor Canada was originally produced by City Television, then was picked up by the W Network. Since the only similarities to the American version are the name and format, the […]

  • Although American reality TV definitely brings the drama, one of the hallmarks of British-produced reality TV is that sometimes reality TV shows just showcase… reality. Having filmed 10 seasons already, The Great British Bake Off is a showcase of the best amateur bakers in the United Kingdom. The show is slower-paced than the average reality […]

  • Although it’s only been running for two seasons so far, The Rap of China is credited with helping rap and hip-hop music move into the mainstream in China. Its first episode had over 100 million viewers and within a month more than 1.3 billion people were watching the show. Even though the initial season was […]


    Although it just appeared on Netflix, Terrace House was originally a Japanese series produced by Fuji Television. Starting in 2012, the show follows six men and women who live in a house together. The first eight seasons that were produced solely in Japan took place in a house in the Shōnan area. However, after Netflix […]


    As time goes on, somehow filmmakers manage to keep making horror movies scarier and scarier. The Grudge is no exception and, based off the trailer, it’s not for the faint of heart. The premise involves a pair trying to solve the case of a young mother who murdered her own family. It doesn’t go well […]

  • Ask anyone about the story of Hansel and Gretel and they’ll probably agree it’s one of the scariest children’s tales of all time. Two kids get lost in the woods, only to run into a witch who literally wants to eat them. The 2020 film remake of the classic fairytale is taking advantage of this […]

  • Anything Steven Spielberg touches turns to gold, which is why critics are looking forward to the release of West Side Story. This famous 1957 musical is being readapted as a feature film and stars Ansel Elgort as Tony. The story follows two rival teenage gangs as they  navigate rocky relationships and forbidden romance in New […]

  • The young-at-heart and kids everywhere will be rolling into theaters on May 22 when this animated movie is released. When Spongebob’s pet snail Gary goes missing, he and Patrick try and get to the bottom of it by traveling to the lost city of Atlantic City. Whether you like Spongebob or not, perhaps knowing that […]

  • Fans of the 1984 film Ghostbusters will be elated to know the original cast have signed on to be part of the 2020 film. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson will reprise their roles alongside some new characters played by Paul Rudd and Finn Wolfhard. The movie, set to release on July 8, is […]

  • You better grab tissues before watching this movie. Based on the beloved novel written by Jack London, The Call of the Wind is a story about a dog named Buck who survives abuse from multiple owners. He’s rescued by John Thornton, and the story follows him and his new best canine friend throughout their wild […]


    After one view of this super eerie teaser, you’ll be left with more questions than answers. The premise of Antebellum is still quite under the radar, but what we do know is Janelle Monáe’s character Veronica Henley is trapped in an unhinged reality (seemingly on a working plantation) that we’ll be watching her try and […]

  • If there’s one thing the James Bond saga is, it’s consistent. Daniel Craig is set to star in No Time to Die, the 25th instalment of the series that will be hitting theaters on April 3. It’s quite the milestone, especially since James Bond has somehow managed to remain relevant in pop culture since 1962. […]


    The Marvel Universe is continuing its impressive streak of superhero films. While the Avengers series has wrapped up, Marvel fans still have a lot to look forward to – including the very first film centered around Black Widow. On April 30, they’re releasing Black Widow, a film dedicated to the character who went from Russian […]