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    Animal Flow is a fitness program that focuses on quadrupedal and ground-based movement. It’s a bodyweight-training discipline that can give you increased mobility, flexibility, stability, endurance and other health improvements. There are six different components included in an Animal Flow workout. Here’s a breakdown of each movement: Wrist Mobilizations – prepares hands and wrists for […]


    Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or have already been training for years, Crossfit is an option for all exercise levels. This type of workout involves a combination of exercise and nutrition to increase health for people of all ages. The program is designed with different types of challenges that focus on optimizing endurance, […]


    If you feel there is never enough time in a day to workout, consider joining 9Round. This is a 30 minute kickbox-inspired workout that operates in a circuit format. There are nine rounds, each with its own workout, that you do for three minutes at a time. In just half an hour, your full body […]


    Upgrade your typical bike session with a membership to SoulCycle. This class has been popularized thanks to its fun spin on the traditional workout. SoulCycle classes have dim lighting, high-energy music, and an enthusiastic instructor to guide you through a choreographed workout on the bike. Riders can sign up for theme-based classes. This is when […]

  • You don’t have to live near the ocean to become a surfer. Instead you can join a Surfset Fitness class. This is a workout that engages your core and stabilizer muscles to shock the system and challenge your body. It mimics the movements surfers do while out on the water, except you’ll use a board […]

  • Aside from peace of mind when staring at your closet, there are a lot of benefits to starting a capsule wardrobe. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about your personal style and embrace it through limited pieces. Plus, you won’t feel as obligated to partake in fleeting trends that come and go with […]

  • Tan France’s suggestions for men are similar to the women’s list, but with slight differences. The same rules apply to both. You want high quality and neutral items that can be mixed and matched all year round. Here are the items he suggests for men. One solid piece of outerwear Black suit Three button-ups in […]

  • It can be difficult to know which items are essential to include in a minimalist closet. Tan France, Queer Eye co-host and fashion expert, has broken down his recommendations for what to include in your capsule wardrobe. Here are the items he suggests for women. One solid piece of outerwear (ex. trenchcoat, heavier coat) Lighter […]

  • After you’ve decided which items to purge, it’s time to formulate your capsule wardrobe. You’ll find there are different suggestions on how many pieces belong in a capsule wardrobe. One blogger suggests choosing 37 year-round pieces, plus an additional four to eight pieces for each new season. For example, pieces relevant for summer could be […]

  • The first step to designing a curated closet is to evaluate what you already own. Which pieces do you reach for the most? Which pieces do you barely wear? Do any of these pieces not fit me anymore? Asking yourself these questions will make it easier to sell, donate, or throw away unneeded pieces. This […]

  • Price: $18.99 This Moon Phase garland is an elegant touch for home decor. Inspired by the different shapes of the moon, this item can be hung up on the wall, mirror, bedpost, and other areas. It’s festive enough to use for Halloween, but stylish enough that it wouldn’t look strange being hung up all year […]


    Price: $39.50 If you’re looking to add some ghosts into your holiday decor, then check out these light up LED ghosts. Sold from Pottery Barn, it’s made up of resin and calcium carbonate. It comes with 10 LED lights that glow up orange. Place it indoors, or outdoors in a protected area.

  • Price: $34.99 Switch up the art on display in your house with this “Salem Sisters Broomstick Co.” wall art. It’s printed on professional grade tightly woven canvas, which will not sag or stretch. This black and white design is 16 by 20 inches big and makes a chic statement for the season.

  • Price: $23.99 Hang this festive lantern or place it on a surface for a dim glow. This decorative piece uses an LED candle and eerily lights up the image surrounding the lantern. Just put in some batteries, push the switch button, and instantly spookify your home.

  • Price: $33.50 Make your dinner table more interesting with these ghostly placemats. Made entirely of natural and biodegradable cork sheets, this set of four placemats is the perfect way to protect your table from food and drink mishaps during the fall.

  • Price: $19.98 To transform your bookshelf into something more mystical, check out these animated books. A set of four books come to life by sliding in and out of position. It also lights up and speaks spooky phrases when turned on. Place it on your bookshelf, countertop, desk, or wherever else you want some Halloween […]

  • Price: $29.50 Upgrade your typical orange pumpkins with these elegant metal candle holders. It’s shaped like a pumpkin, complete with a modern black finish on the outside and gold interior on the inside. You can light it up like a regular jack o’lantern with a flameless votive holder.

  • Price: $49.99 Whether you want to serve spooky beverages or use it to stash candy with it, this beverage tub is the perfect item to have on display. It’s made with galvanized steel and can be custom designed with your own whimsical font of up to 18 characters. There’s also a Halloween-inspired motif and handles […]

  • Price: $10 Add some flair to your windows with this fun spider web panel. For just $10, this sheer item is an easy way to dress up your home in October. Hang it on the wall, front door, or laid out on the table. It’s fully made of polyester, machine washable, and wrinkle resistant.

  • Price: $149.95 Cook up your next casserole with this pumpkin shaped cast iron cocotte. Its black enamel color is paired with a sparkling brass stem-shaped knob, which is a super luxe looking detail. The item is made in France from a single-use mold, making every cocotte sold is unique.