Oct 01, 2020 |
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Animal Flow

Animal Flow is a fitness program that focuses on quadrupedal and ground-based movement. It’s a bodyweight-training discipline that can give you increased mobility, flexibility, stability, endurance and other health improvements.

There are six different components included in an Animal Flow workout. Here’s a breakdown of each movement:

  • Wrist Mobilizations – prepares hands and wrists for challenges of Animal Flow
  • Activations – wakes up the body
  • Form Specific Stretches – full body stretches encourage flexibility
  • Traveling Forms – mimics animal movements to improve functionality
  • Switches and Transitions – dynamic movements
  • Flows – where all Animal Flow components come together

Some or all of these components can be incorporated into your workout. You can join online workshops and interact with certified instructors to complete an Animal Flow workout from the comfort of your own home. You can also look online to find a class near you.

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