Beer - Barrel-Aged 10th Mountain
Feb 04, 2020 |
Stuff to: Eat

Barrel-Aged 10th Mountain

Made by Aspen Brewing Co. in Aspen, Colorado.

One of the hallmarks of many Irish brews is their barrel aging process. And the Barrel-Aged 10th Mountain beer that’s created in Aspen, Colorado capitalizes on that same process to deliver a beverage that’s decadent, full of depth, and made to celebrate.

Barrel-Aged 10th Mountain is a beer that’s meant to be sipped and shared. It’s an imperial stout, putting a spin on a traditional English oatmeal stout rather than an Irish iteration. And perhaps most importantly, this beer was created to pay tribute to the pioneers of Colorado’s ski industry after World War II. With a historic background and a distinct flavor, it’s a great St. Patrick’s Day choice.

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