Blue Buffalo Dog Food
Jan 07, 2020 |
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Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is one of the biggest upstarts in the dog food industry. It originated at the start of the grain-frain movement, offering pet owners an alternative to highly processed, filler-heavy foods. And today, it’s considered a high-quality dog food brand – Blue Buffalo is now one of the top manufacturers of natural dog food.

The Blue Buffalo selection of dog food includes both wet and dry food. This means you can give your dog nutrient-rich food however they’d prefer it. There are four different Blue Buffalo lines, and each one features a different dog food formula for different nutritional needs. No matter which line you prefer, Blue Buffalo’s food contains balanced and complete nutrition, including animal protein and LifeSource bits, which are nutrient-rich.


Wet food starts at $2.19 per can. Dry food starts at $18.99 per bag.

Biggest Benefits

  • Offers both wet and dry food.
  • High-quality natural ingredients.
  • Many different recipes to suit any dog’s needs.
  • Wide variety of grain-free formulas.
  • Includes common animal proteins like chicken and fish.

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