Jun 11, 2020 |
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Google Pixel 5

Expected Release Date: Fall 2020
Price: $699

As of now, there’s a lot of speculation about the Google Pixel 5 that’s expected to release in the fall of 2020. Information about the device has been slowly leaked and giving tech experts an idea of what’s to come on the new device. Google will definitely be trying to regain some momentum with the release of the Pixel 5, especially since the Pixel 4 wasn’t met with the most enthusiasm.

One of the most exciting rumors is that there may be three lenses on the back of the phone, which will give users more options when taking images. It isn’t clear how those lenses will be placed since multiple prototypes are still under consideration. Experts are also predicting there will be a Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL that will differ in size and battery life.

Other factors that are likely to be included with the Google Pixel 5 are 5G connectivity, Android 11 software and a minimum display refresh rate of 90Hz.