Nov 27, 2019 |
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Jingle All the Way

You’d never think that a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad would be at all successful. However, Jingle All the Way proved all the critics wrong.

The movie starred Schwarzenegger as harried dad Howard Langston. Langston promises his young son a Turbo Man action figure to make up for all the family times that he’s missed out due to work. Langston’s frenzied attempts to find a Turbo Man action figure on Christmas Eve are deeply relatable to any parent who has ever struggled to purchase the latest trendy toy for their kids. Along the way, he finds himself in competition with the local mailman (Sinbad). Their race through the neighborhood will have you giggling from start to finish.

It’s easy to think of Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. But he actually starred in a number of popular comedies in the 90s, including this film, Kindergarten Cop, and Junior.

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