Nov 26, 2019 |

Land of Hobbits

Due to its incredible and diverse scenery, New Zealand was chosen as the location to film Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. So, if you enjoyed the books, watched all the movies, and have a penchant for warriors, orcs, and hobbits, you’ll surely feel that you’re in Middle-Earth when you explore the country.

One of the most famous movie sets is Hobbiton, the home of the J.R.R. Tolkien’s race of small humans with furry feet known as hobbits. It’s located in Matamata and covers 14 acres.

Other locations used for the Lord of the Rings include:

  • Snowdon Forest, which was used to depict Fangorn Forest;
  • Mount Ngauruhoe, which was used to depict Mount Doom, and;
  • Kawarau Gorge, which was used to depict Anduin River.

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