Fresh Dog Food
Jan 07, 2020 |
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Ollie is a dog food company that’s really unlike any other. Instead of heading to a local store to purchase prepackaged cans or bags of food, Ollie is an online brand. You create a profile for your dog, giving Ollie information about their breed, size, age, weight, and more. From there, the dog food pros create a custom meal plan that’s solely for your dog.

Ollie delivers customized dog food right to your door. All of the food is fresh and human-grade, meaning you yourself can even test its quality. The ingredients are all considered premium – there are no fillers like corn or wheat, no preservatives, and no artificial additives. And while the food is customized, your dog will enjoy familiar flavors like turkey, beff, chicken, and lamb.


Price varies. Each dog is given a custom meal plan based on their specific profile and serving size.

Biggest Benefits

  • All foods and recipes are formulated by a veterinarian.
  • Meats come from U.S. and Australian farms.
  • No filler, artificial additives, or preservatives.
  • Meal recipes include fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • All food is cooked in small batches.

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