Jun 11, 2020 |
Stuff to: Buy

OnePlus 8 Pro

Price: $799


  • Slim and sleek curved design
  • 48 MP triple camera
  • 90 Hz display

Everything about the OnePlus 8 Pro is faster than the previous version, including the charging speed. If you’re on the go and need your phone charged quickly, the Warp Charge 30T can get your battery from one percent to 50 percent in just 22 minutes.

One helpful feature the camera offers is the Smart Pet Capture. It can automatically detect when your pet is in the frame and will adjust settings to reduce motion. You can also capture sweeping landscape images thanks to the 116 degree ultra wide angle camera.

It comes in three vibrant styles: black, matte green and an ombre pink and purple color. Each one is eye-catching, and the contoured design makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. The 6.55-inch display is sleek and the 90 Hz refresh rate gives users a seamlessly fast experience. Purchase the phone directly from OnePlus, or consider financing it for $18.75 monthly for two years with T-Mobile.