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    The new Netflix reboot of the 2000s-era show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy returned to TV screens everywhere in 2018 as Queer Eye. Reimagined for a new generation by the original producing team, the show was an immediate hit when it premiered on Netflix.  An all-new Fab Five leap right into action, making over […]

  • There are hundreds of titles beyond this list that are currently streaming on Disney+. You can go to their website and access a free trial for one week and learn more about their annual costs. Disney is continuing to produce exclusive content available to watch only on their streaming service. With a quick browse, you’ll […]


    Disney’s short films don’t get enough credit. It’s amazing how easily invested you can become in their shorts thanks to the stellar visuals and captivating storylines. Float is one such short film about a father who discovers his son is different and does everything he can to shield him from judgement. It’s a touching tribute […]

  • There’s a lot of talk about Marvel and Pixar sagas on Disney+, but there isn’t much about the Pirates of the Carribean movies. The first film in the story is an iconic movie that follows Captain Jack Sparrow for wild endeavors and surprising curses. All five movies are on the streaming service, which is enough […]

  • There’s a long list of iconic Disney Channel Original Movies that people have grown to know and love – and they’re finally all in one place. One forgotten DCOM is Get A Clue, which stars a young Lindsay Lohan. This mystery-drama follows her school gossip columnist character trying to uncover what happened to a missing […]

  • This movie is a classic comic book come to life. It follows the famous cat Garfield as he lures fellow furry companion Odie out of the house. The lazy, sarcastic cat ends up going on a mission to bring Odie home. It’s funny, lighthearted and a good pick for anyone unsure of what to watch. […]

  • Sequels are always a tough act to follow, especially in the Disney realm. But The Little Mermaid sequel delivers, and it’s been vastly underrated since its release. It’s about Ariel’s desperate search to find her daughter Melody after she learns the truth about the ocean’s mythical sea creatures. Much like the first, this film has […]


    There’s a huge selection of dog movies on Disney+ and Eight Below is one of them. This 2006 film is inspired by a true story and follows a group of sled dogs who are stranded in Antarctica. They must work together to survive the dangerous terrain while their owner Jerry (played by Paul Walker) does […]

  • This movie is full of laughs from start to finish, and it rarely gets as much attention as other Disney animated classics. Watch as Emperor Kuzco, voiced by David Spade, goes on quite the journey when he accidentally gets turned into a llama. To his dismay, he teams up with a peasant who works to […]

  • Not only does Disney+ stream beloved shows and movies you’ve already seen, but there’s also a great amount of new documentaries to check out. The Imagineering Story is a docuseries that takes viewers along for an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes at Disney. It starts with how Walt Disney started the […]

  • It’s hard to find a movie that Dwayne Johnson isn’t starring in these days. But The Game Plan, one of his earlier films, should definitely be added to your watchlist. He plays a megastar football player who — during the most important part of the season — is thrown a major curveball when his daughter […]

  • Pixar movies like Toy Story, Cars and Monster’s Inc. tend to get the most attention, but The Good Dinosaur is equally entertaining. It encompasses everything you know and love about Disney animated films. The movie takes place in a world where dinosaurs never went extinct and follows a dinosaur that’s swept away, far from home. […]

  • If you already enjoy spa treatments, you can’t leave India without experiencing Ayurveda, the traditional healing system. It’s ideal for chronic and stress-related conditions, and by the end of it, you’ll feel a few years younger. Ayurveda means “knowledge of life and longevity” in Sanskrit and dates back to some 5,000 years. It’s based on […]

  • One thing you’ll quickly notice in India is the prominence of chai (tea). In addition to drinking copious amounts of this type of tea, you’ll want to make sure to visit the tea plantations. There, you’ll understand the production process and learn about chai’s history and significance. Indians have been drinking tea since at least […]

  • No matter what region you’re exploring in India, you’ll undoubtedly find a delicious thali. Think of a thali as a meal with a concoction of flavors, available in different recipes. They’re kind of a mini personal buffet. The idea behind a thali is to offer a balanced mix of six flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, […]

  • If you’d like to see big feral felines in the natural habitat, the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is probably the best place. It has one of the highest densities of tiger population in India, which means you’re pretty much guaranteed to see one. The reserve is part of the bigger Bandhavgarh National Park, which covers a […]

  • There’s nothing like hopping on a camel and riding deep into the desert, where the only thing you can see for kilometers are endless sand dunes. But equally impressive is spending the evening around a campfire, with millions of stars in the sky overhead. While you’re in India, make sure to visit the Thar desert. […]


    Picture yourself walking around busy streets, where happy crowds throw colored powder and water at each other to the sound of loud music. As long as you wear cheap clothes (they’ll be ruined), you’ll have an awesome time. Holi festival is an incredible experience that usually takes place at the end of February or middle […]

  • Visiting the Golden Temple involves a lot more than just gazing at a beautiful complex. It’s a touching experience. Sikhs are required to volunteer at the temple for at least a week during their lifetime, and many do so at the Langar (kitchen and dining hall), where any visitor, regardless of faith or gender, can […]

  • Rishikesh was brought to international attention in 1968 when the Beatles spent some time in an ashram learning about Transcendental Meditation. It’s now considered the World Capital of Yoga and a magnet for those willing to learn more about spirituality. The city is extremely religious and it’s not uncommon to see saddhus, the holy men […]