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  • While you’ll definitely see your fair share of temples in India, make sure you pay a visit to Ranakpur. It’s one of the largest and most famous Jain temples in existence. And it’s entirely built out of white marble, with a ceiling that’s roughly seven meters high. However, what makes Ranakpur Jain a must-see attraction […]

  • If you really want to feel like a proper Indiana Jones, then you’ll want to make sure to visit the Ellora and Ajanta Caves. As you walk from cave to cave and marvel at the different ancient temples, you can picture a world that’s long gone. Both sites were built between 200 and 350 BC […]

  • Travelers flock to Goa to enjoy its stunning beaches, lively markets, and top-notch seafood. Here you can sit back with a cocktail in your hand, soaking up the sun while some amicable cows walk past you. It’s also the ideal place to rent a scooter and slowly explore the coast. Goa is arguably the most […]

  • One of the main reasons travelers visit Varanasi is to sit on the ghats (riverfront steps) and take in the burning corpses floating away in the Ganges River. Hindus believe that dying in the city brings salvation, so many go there when they feel they’re nearing death. As a result, it’s where over 200 corpses […]

  • A trip to Kerala is about enjoying some peace and quiet while gently swaying along the many natural canals in the region. Most travelers stay in the kettuvallams, which are 70-foot houseboats made of wooden planks,bamboo, and coconut ropes. The backwaters are a network of canals in the south of India that covers three main […]

  • Imagine visiting a temple where you can see around 25,000 friendly rats running around among people. As crazy as it sounds, that’s the reality at Karni Mata temple, where these holy rats, called kabbas, attract hordes of visitors. It’s believed that seeing the rats is a blessing. The temple is located in Deshnoke, which is […]

  • As a diabetic, you might not think you can indulge in dessert. But what’s more tempting than sugary and sweet cakes, cookies, and other delicious treats?  Well, if you choose the right recipes, you don’t have to worry as much about having a “treat yourself” moment every so often. The low-carb Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes recipe […]

  • According to the ADA, fish is one of the best proteins diabetics can choose – and you should aim to eat it twice each week. It’s loaded with filling protein, but it’s also high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in fat.  But finding new ways to incorporate fish into your diet can be tough, […]

  • Pizza doesn’t exactly seem like a diabetes-friendly food at first glance. Traditionally, pizza includes a ton of carbs thanks to its crust and “bad” ingredients like cheese, fatty meats, and little substance. But what many people don’t realize is that you can make pizza healthy. You can also make it diabetes-friendly – you just have […]

  • If one thing is certain about living with diabetes, it’s that vegetables should always be on your must-eat list. The key, however, is choosing non-starchy vegetables that contain plenty of nutrients and vitamins. And if you need a tastier way to eat a lot of vegetables, you’ll want to try the Cucumber Tomato Salad with […]

  • Breakfast is a meal that’s meant to fill you up and prepare you for the day ahead. But unfortunately for anyone who’s living with diabetes, most breakfast foods are completely off limits. Easy breakfasts like cereal, muffins, and yogurt can contain a lot of sugar and carbs, which can make it difficult to find something […]

  • There’s nothing quite as filling or as comforting as a warm bowl of soup. But as a diabetic, many soups are off limits for being high in salt, carbs, fat, and other not-so-great ingredients. If you’re craving a bowl of soup, you simply need to try a recipe that swaps out the unhealthy ingredients for […]

  • Chicken is the protein that can really do it all. It’s healthy and lean – and it’s also great for diabetics, if you leave the skin off for less saturated fat and cholesterol, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). But the problem with chicken is that it can be bland. However, it doesn’t have […]

  • If you’re looking for dog food that’s as good as natural, homemade human food, it’s time to consider The Farmer’s Dog. This fresh dog food company creates and delivers custom dog food right to your door. You simply fill out a profile with your dog’s information, like breed, weight, age, and The Farmer’s Dog will […]


    Blue Buffalo is one of the biggest upstarts in the dog food industry. It originated at the start of the grain-frain movement, offering pet owners an alternative to highly processed, filler-heavy foods. And today, it’s considered a high-quality dog food brand – Blue Buffalo is now one of the top manufacturers of natural dog food. […]


    Ollie is a dog food company that’s really unlike any other. Instead of heading to a local store to purchase prepackaged cans or bags of food, Ollie is an online brand. You create a profile for your dog, giving Ollie information about their breed, size, age, weight, and more. From there, the dog food pros […]

  • Another excellent grain-free dog food brand is Taste of the Wild. Available from popular pet retailers like Petco and delivery service Chewy, Taste of the Wild offers grain-free dog food varieties that are packed with nutrients every dog needs.  In place of grains, Taste of the Wild dog foods rely on easily digestible carbohydrates like […]

  • Grain has rapidly become one of the most concerning ingredients in dog food. With many pet food brands making the move away from grain as a filler, more and more pet parents are realizing that their dogs deserve grain-free foods. And Merrick Grain Free Dog Food is one of the best options. This brand of […]

  • Unfortunately, a lot of airlines have discontinued their senior discounts—but that doesn’t mean the deals are gone. There are tons of online resources that will do the work for you in finding the cheapest prices. Skyscanner is an excellent website to visit when you’re starting the search for airfare. Simply fill in the details of […]

  • Seniors can get discounts for long haul flights across the pond through their AARP membership. You can sign up with your AARP account on British Airways to unlock some deals. An AARP account costs $12 annually, and there are additional discounts if you buy a three- or five-year membership. The discounts for British Airways though […]