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    Season One clearly did something right, otherwise the next seven wouldn’t exist. It set the tone for the series by tricking viewers into thinking Ned Stark was the hero we’d be watching, only for him to be killed in episode nine. The showrunners quickly told viewers that anything can and will happen to characters, good […]


    You can’t talk about Game of Thrones without mentioning The Red Wedding. It’s one of the scenes that defined the show and reminded fans never to get too comfortable with its central heroes. Though it seemed the entire season was building towards victory for the Starks and the King of the North, everything changed in […]


    Game of Thrones initially kept die-hard fans happy with an  accurate depiction of the storyline fans enjoyed in the original books, but season six marks  the first time writers went off script. This move paid off because a ton of questions were answered and narratives finally tied together throughout these episodes. It was a big […]


    It’s never easy to say goodbye to an awesome show, especially when the ending really sucks. The six-episode season rushed the plotline and didn’t allot enough time to witness some key moments. Dany and Jon’s final conversation lacked emotion, Cersei didn’t have enough screen time, and the finale was questionable, to list a few issues. […]

  • Going on a wine tour in France is the ideal way to learn more about different grapes and all stages of wine production. Considering you’ll actually be sampling the top labels in the world, it’s well worth it. For those who are wine aficionados, it’s the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the proper […]

  • New Zealand is often among the top 10 countries in the world when it comes to the quality of life. So apart from being healthy, educated, and wealthy, the country is extremely safe. This is a big plus for travelers, especially solo females. With that in mind, the country is an excellent location for those […]

  • If you love going on long walks and hikes or feel like embarking on a spiritual journey, then perhaps the classic Camino de Santiago might be your best bet. Pilgrims have been hiking it since 812 AD. Nowadays, more than 300,000 people do it every year. Apart from the original route, called Camino Primitivo, there […]

  • Iceland is considered one of the most otherworldly countries out there. In fact, many visitors claim to feel like they’re indeed visiting another planet due to its distinct and impressive volcanic landscape. Campervanning in the country is quickly becoming a top activity as travelers can enjoy it at their own pace and in a much […]

  • Come to think of it, free diving with one of the most dangerous predators of the sea sounds like a really bad idea. Although humans are crazy, they’re not that crazy. So, when you dive with the Great White Sharks, you do it inside a metal cage. While Gansbaai is considered the capital of great […]

  • Imagine waking up early in the morning, making your way to the launching point in the dark, and excitedly waiting as the burners fill up the massive hot air balloons nearby. Once you hop on and fly up high, the sunrise lights up the sky revealing the incredible landscape in front of you. When it […]

  • If you’re looking to experience the biggest and most famous carnival in the world, then you should absolutely go to Brazil for the party of a lifetime. As long as you eat well before drinking, wear witty and crazy costumes, and have plenty of condoms, everything is going to be alright. However, Carnival is a […]

  • Bustling markets are an excellent way to dive deep into a country’s culture. There’s nothing like walking along colorfully narrow alleyways, being surrounded by friendly locals trying to sell their wares, and smelling the sweet scent of green tea with mint filling the air. Just a stone’s throw from Europe, Morocco is the ideal location […]

  • There are incredible surfing spots all over the world. However, Indonesia offers a mix of superb nature, dirt cheap prices, and rich culture. Since the country is comprised of over 17,000 islands, it’s clear surfers can find an abundance of spots. Due to Bali’s popularity, Uluwatu is one of the most famous and crowded spots, […]

  • Seeing massive animals in the wild is arguably one of the most thrilling traveling experiences. Especially for the people who love ecotourism. While there are several amazing safaris all over Africa, Kenya takes the cake as it’s the best place to see the Great Migration. From July to October, nearly 260,000 zebras, 470,000 gazelles, and […]

  • Going on a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords will definitely burn a hole in your wallet. However, it will have been worth it in the end. It’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with the fjords’ dramatic backdrop, where waterfalls cascade from the luscious green steep mountainsides. Apart from exploring the spectacular fjords — […]

  • Driving around the U.S. seems to be the quintessential road trip. The American love for cars and the way the cities are designed for them creates the perfect environment for you to rent a vehicle and start exploring. When you take into consideration how big the country is, the possibilities are endless. You could: Spend […]

  • Traversing the mighty Amazon River all the way from Peru to Brazil is one epic adventure. But, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. The boat trips from one town to the other usually take around three to four days. Plus, you’ll be sleeping in a hammock on the main deck sharing the space […]


    Released in 1994, Mixed Nuts is a film that takes a look at what life would be like if you were working at a suicide hotline during the Christmas season. This is definitely one of writer and director Nora Ephron’s most underrated films. In fact, it is often overshadowed by her more popular offerings like […]

  • You’d never think that a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad would be at all successful. However, Jingle All the Way proved all the critics wrong. The movie starred Schwarzenegger as harried dad Howard Langston. Langston promises his young son a Turbo Man action figure to make up for all the family times that he’s […]

  • The National Lampoon brand first began as a comedy magazine in 1970. For 20 years, it was considered the gold standard of comedic writing. In 1978, several magazine staff worked on a movie together. Their influence was so important that the movie was titled National Lampoon’s Animal House. Since then, there have been at least […]