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  • Avocado is still reigning as one of the world’s most popular foods for 2018, and it’s hard to get enough of this versatile, creamy fruit. Avocado can even help you put a healthy spin on pasta by replacing your go-to sauce with this healthy alternative (and the added spinach offers even more benefits!). Recipe courtesy […]

  • Doughnuts may be a simple breakfast treat, but they’re one of the most sought-after foods of the year – and we’re starting to master new types of doughnuts right at home. These easy baked redskin doughnuts are a combination of two sweet treats, raspberry lollipops and frosted doughnuts. Recipe courtesy of Gourmet Traveller INGREDIENTS 600 […]

  • Cauliflower is taking on all kinds of new forms in 2018, from pizza crusts to mashed “potatoes” to gnocchi, so why not toss some cauliflower in your tacos? Tossed with traditional buffalo sauce and topped with a creamy avocado sauce, you won’t miss the meat at all in these tacos. Recipe courtesy of Pinch of […]


    There’s no debating which true crime podcast is the best of the bunch: downloaded more than 175 million times since its premiere and continuing to set new records, Serial is an absolute must-listen. If you have yet to delve into its depths, Serial takes a new look into the disappearance and murder of high school […]


    If you want to get heavily invested in a single crime or criminal case like Serial and its original true crime story, you need to listen to Atlanta Monster. Designed to be just a one-season podcast, every one of the ten available episodes is filled with the twists and turns of one shockingly dark and […]


    What’s better than listening to true crime coverage with a glass of wine in hand? That’s the premise behind the popular podcast Wine and Crime – over the course of each hour-long episode, a group of women from Minnesota discuss true crimes and the ins and outs of the criminal justice system while sipping on […]


    Sometimes, you don’t want to hear about a variety of crimes; you just want to know about the most grisly, most shocking murders. And there are no murderers more compelling than serial killers. The Serial Killers podcast covers just that for those who can’t learn enough about the world’s most famous and prolific murderers. With […]

  • If you want a real, reputable true crime podcast with stories told by those who lived them, Real Crime Profile is a must-listen. This podcast’s hosts include Laura Richards, an FBI- and Scotland Yard-trained criminal behavioral analyst, Jim Clemente, a retired FBI special agent, and Lisa Zambetti, the casting director of the popular TV show […]

  • There’s no better title for a true crime podcast than the straightforward Missing and Murdered – but this podcast, which discusses both solved and unsolved murders over two seasons, is one of the most intriguing. While season one tells the story of the still-unsolved 1989 murder of a woman in British Columbia, season two changes […]


    If you’re a true crime fan at all, you adore murders and criminal cases that are still unsolved after years of investigation – and that’s exactly what the Unsolved Murders podcast covers. Every episode of this podcast covers a different case, a different murder, discussing the history, the crime itself, and what happened to witnesses, […]


    Some true crime cases reach far beyond the city in which they happen, and that’s the case with the very first season of the In the Dark podcast. Reported by Madeleine Baran, In the Dark covered the kidnapping of 11-year-old Jacob – and in addition to focusing on the crime itself, the podcast captured listeners […]

  • you want to take a deep dive into the most intimate details of crimes both solved and unsolved, the podcast Someone Knows Something narrated by David Ridgen is one of the most riveting. Initially focused on the mysterious disappearance of a child in Canada in the 1970s, this podcast is one of the most detailed […]

  • An important classic book written from a woman’s perspective during a time when so few women were writing, Charlotte Bronte’s first and last novel Jane Eyre is worth reading for its unique lens and its surprising take on colonialism. Jane Eyre’s story tells of an orphan with big dreams, fiery independence, and a strong will […]

  • Part terrifying fiction, part cultural warning, 1984 gave haunting predictions of what the world could become after World War II. With a world built by Orwell to include its own language, a terrifyingly real monster in Big Brother, and lessons on the power of propaganda, this classic leaves readers trying to determine truth just like […]

  • A dystopian nightmare for anyone who enjoys books or reading, Ray Bradbury’s famed science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451 is a must-read classic. Set in a distant future in which books – and reading – are banned and even destroyed to prevent the spread of knowledge, Bradbury shows us what a future with only technology would […]

  • One of literature’s most famous monsters, Frankenstein’s monster is known for so much more that happened beyond his origin story: films, comic books, and even additional short stories and novels. However, the original book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is worth a read for anyone who enjoys a little horror, a bit of science, and understanding […]

  • Night is a more recent classic, published in the mid-1950s, but its impact is powerful. A classic book that’s important to the legacy of those persecuted during the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel offers a unique insight into the terrifying life Jewish people lived in Germany at the height of Hitler’s power. Wiesel writes his first-hand account […]

  • There’s perhaps no literary classic as alluring as The Great Gatsby. Its pages are filled with the glitter, wealth, and extravagance of the 1920s before the Great Depression, and F. Scott Fitzgerald invites readers into a world we all wish we could experience. However, among the splashy, over-the-top parties thrown by the ever-inviting Jay Gatsby […]

  • Idyllic beaches, freedom from adults, and the chance to build a new world from everything they lost: Lord of the Flies is a classic adventure story. A great classic for adults and children alike, Golding’s tale of a kid-run civilization with no rules is filled with adventure, excitement, and shocking twists and turns. A short […]

  • A portrait of Chicago, its immigrant community, and its money-making meatpacking industry, The Jungle was written to disturb and upset an entire nation. Considered one of the most vivid and gruesome depictions of the meatpacking industry at the turn of the 20th century, Upton Sinclair’s novel still shocks readers over a century after its initial […]