Feb 20, 2020 |
Stuff to: Eat

St. Paddy’s Day Drip Cake

Cake is a classic go-to whenever you’re in need of a dessert to celebrate something. It can be an intimidating thing to bake for some people, so feel free to use boxed cake if starting from scratch isn’t your thing. Once the cake is ready to be decorated, check out this Pourable Icing recipe from Bluprint. It’s a low-maintenance decorating hack to make it look like you put a lot more effort into the cake than is actually required!

Start by icing your cake all around with a light colored base. When mixing together the ingredients for the pourable icing, add some food coloring in to give it a festive appearance. Pour it onto the cake to get a cool drip effect down the sides, instantly giving it a professional bakery look to it. You can leave the cake with just the drip icing, or keep going and add some fun decorative elements to jazz it up.