Oct 01, 2020 |
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Surfset Fitness

You don’t have to live near the ocean to become a surfer. Instead you can join a Surfset Fitness class. This is a workout that engages your core and stabilizer muscles to shock the system and challenge your body. It mimics the movements surfers do while out on the water, except you’ll use a board on land. There are various movements surfers do to achieve a strong and lean physique.

Paddling builds shoulder definition, strengthens lower back muscles, and boosts cardiovascular fitness. There’s also ducking, a move surfers do when diving under oncoming waves, that builds arm strength. The pop-up maneuver engages your core, and the overall process of riding the waves is excellent for increasing balance, strength, and flexibility.

Surfset Fitness offers 45 minute classes that utilizes surf-inspired movements to achieve a total body workout. You can search online to find classes near you.

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