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Jan 07, 2020 |
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The Farmer’s Dog

If you’re looking for dog food that’s as good as natural, homemade human food, it’s time to consider The Farmer’s Dog. This fresh dog food company creates and delivers custom dog food right to your door. You simply fill out a profile with your dog’s information, like breed, weight, age, and The Farmer’s Dog will create a special meal plan just for your dog.

And when your dog enjoys food from The Farmer’s Dog, it’ll be made for their health. All of the food recipes feature animal meat – beef, turkey, or pork. They contain a special nutrient blend that’s designed to help dogs get the nutrition benefits they depend on. And each meal is pre-portioned to help determine the best serving size for your pup.


Custom food delivery plans, or meal plans, start as low as $2 per day. Pricing varies depending on your dog’s age, weight, and nutritional or food needs.

Biggest Benefits

  • Formulated by veterinarians.
  • All food is prepared in USDA kitchens.
  • Every meal plan is customized.
  • Food is delivered to your door.
  • Human-grade food.
  • Great for picky eaters.

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